The Freddie Mercury Photographic Exhibition

opened at the Royal Albert Hall, Kensington Gore, London
on November 25, 1996

and I hope it's still touring the World!

Over one hundred photographs, drawn from private and public collections and compiled with the support of Freddie's family and friends, tell the remarkable story of the life of Freddie Mercury.....

Photograph by kind permission of Peter Hince

"He was a loyal family man who liked to surround himself with photographs of his nearest and dearest; a good son and brother who remembered to phone.
These photographs, impeccably and expensively framed, were displayed around his Kensington house. Many were collected on top of his grand piano, the one of which he can be seen teaching his niece to play the EastEnders theme in one of Roger's delightful family snaps. Freddie had his boyfriend, Jim Hutton, make some tables to accomodate his special pictures.
Freddie loved photographs.
And photographs loved him."

Waldemar Januszczack

I've been lucky enough to see The Exhibition in Montreux, in 1997.

Each photograph had been enlarged to 20" by 16" and carefully retouched where appropriate, and then finished using the most sophisticated imaging techniques available.

Fred in Stereo
taken by Brian May

The Exhibition was free of charge, but there were collection boxes on the site for generous people.
Needless to say, The Freddie Mercury Photographic Exhibition has been one of the fundraising activities of The Mercury Phoenix Trust.

The pictures span Freddie's life, from cute baby photos of the infant Farookh Bulsara just a few months old in Zanzibar to his final, formal portrait, taken by Richard Gray
for Greatest Hits II, in 1991.

Please, try to ignore my daughter and me who look more horrible than ever, here!
I'm displaying this picture just to let you see the size of some photographs...

Official Merchandise

I know, I shouldn't have taken any picture, which was severely forbidden!, but it was impossible for me not to succumb to a temptation while I was watching photos like this one!

Photograph by Mick Rock

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