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I made this page using windows notepad, what's your excuse?
My friend Mike thought he wasn't addicted.
No one ever thinks there addicted.
My friend Mike is dead.
He died last fall of a Heroin overdose.
You will never win an argument with me justifying Heroin use. You will especially lose if you have to pick vomit out of your hair

You will never hear someone say:

  • "Let me tell you how proud I am of something I did while on Heroin"
  • "Let me tell you how proud I am of something I did to get Heroin"
  • "You know I really had my shit together when I was taking Heroin, man I gotta get back on Heroin to straigten my life out"
  • "As your therapist, I'd like you to think about taking Heroin"
  • "Oh the girl I'm setting you up with is great. She's smart, pretty, Oh! and she takes Heroin!"
  • "Of all the people I took Heroin with, no one regrets it, and they're all alive today."
  • "It's a good thing my judgement was impaired by Heroin, otherwise I would have remembered to use a condomn, and then I wouldn't have picked up herpes!" (The gift that keeps on giving)"
  • "Your parents are the best! I wish my parents were on Heroin"
  • "Heroin really brought my family and friends together" (excluding funerals)
D.R. Goettel, Marilyn Monroe, Elvis, Jim Morrison, John Belushi, Chris Farley, Janis Joplin, Jimi Hendrix and my friend Mike didn't fake they're deaths.
They overdosed.
No one thinks they're gonna get addicted, No one thinks it's gonna kill'em.

You can say I'm preaching. You can disagree with me.
But whether it takes six months or five years, you WILL eventually agree with me because I'm right.

If you think you won't get addicted you're fucking kidding yourself. Heroin will ruin your life. Your body will vomit uncontrollably when you take it because it's a poison. If you have a friend on Heroin, don't leave'em alone with your stuff. And try not to get attached to them. Statistically there's a good chance they'll eventually overdose.

More than band members screwing the wrong girlfriends, Heroin has done more to kill Industrial musicians and breakup Industrial bands than anything else.
That is why this page is part of NYIF site.

So remember, if you want to do something you'll eventually regret for the rest of your life, TAKE HEROIN!

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Copyright (c) 1997-98 Kreestof Chandley. All rights reserved.