NYIF Industrial Challenge #1 Winner details, Brainscrape
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I made this page using windows notepad, what's your excuse?

2. Gas Spectre by Brainscrape.

This is a noisy, chaotic piece called "Gas Spectre" by "Brainscrape".

This was harder than I thought it would be but I did have some fun in the end. Here's a list of the equipment that I used :

EMAXII sampler
Mackie 1604 mixer,inputs overdriven
Lecicon Vortex on snare for flange/delay, inputs overdriven
Digitech TSR-24S on bass drum for auto wah(resonant high pass filter), phaser, delay, inputs overdriven
Alesis Wedge on fast and slow sweeping pads for flange/reverb.
PUMP1.0 sequencing software by Bram Bos

Basically I just started the sequencer and began mixing things wildly while recording into Cool Edit 96. No fx processing was done with Cool Edit.

I learned a thing or two about sound manipulation because of it.


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