Shoot Me, Stuff Me, Mount Me...

Shoot Me, Stuff Me, Mount Me...
A Giles and Xander 'Shippers site.


Signs Of
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Last Updated 3/21/99

3/21/99 ~ I've added...umm, nineteen stories, and three pictures. I'm too tired to go into the details.

2/3/99~ I've added a link to the WatchersPet list that Woodinat made, and I've added Last Time by Kate Bolin, Brier Xander by Woodinat, The One That Inflicts The Pain, and Adjustments by Cristen, and the first parts of Quadrant by me, Craww.

Well, I guess it's pretty darn apparent by now what this site is all about. Giles and Xander, together romantically. Right now we have five manipulated pictures, two manipulated sounds, and almost twenty peices of fanfiction.

Sure, you say it doesn't make sense...but, then, you probably didn't see The Pack if you say that.

So, this page is for 'Shippers of Giles and Xander, so they can read fanfic with the pair together, and they can look at perty pictures, and listen to some sounds...if you want something more orthodox go to The Groovy Slayer Fanfic Site...not that that's really normal, either.

Annddd...since this site is for G/X 'Shippers, it shall all be credited and dedicated to Woodinat, the number one G/X 'Shipper *ever*, the author of the majority of the stories on this site, and the inspiration. Let us all bow down before Woodinat. Here, let me drive this into your skulls...


Woodinat Woodinat


Woodinat Woodinat


She's uber-spiffy...and super kewl!

Enter this...

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For This...


Disclaimer: I don't own Giles, Xander, or any of the other 'Buffy the Vampire Slayer' characters mentioned on this site. They belong to Joss Whedon, and the WB network, and Mutant Enemy, and Foz something-err-other. Maybe more, but I'm not sure. Maybe less, but I'm not sure.