Oh my gosh, is this a great band. One of the few seriously EXPLOSIVE acts. And they came from Reunion Records...home of Michael W. Smith and others...go figure, huh? But if you look past the label, you’ll see five guys (one of them Ian...remember him???) who dig Pavement and Radiohead, play a burst of British-influenced pop, and enjoy covering Blur in concert...I kicked it with Dave Clo, lead guitarist, and boy was he nice...

So, how long have you guys been together for?
“About a year and a half.”

How did you guys get hooked up with Reunion Records?
“It’s long story...but our lead singer had some good connections.”

Right on, so are you guys happy so far with the Third Day/All Star/ Switchfoot tour?
“Yeah, it’s been a great tour so far.”

Are you guys coming out with a new album soon? Are you recording?
“Yeah, we’re actually not going to tour this spring. We’re going to start working on our record, and it should be out next summer some time.”

What’s your favorite memory playing live?
“Well, it’d have to be Cornerstone ‘97, this summer...that was a really great show, or two shows, actually. There’s an incredible festival out in Holland called Flevofest that we headlined in front of 12,000 people, so that was pretty awesome. Also, I gotta mention we did a missions trip to Turkey, and that was amazing, playing downtown on the streets for thousands of people, and getting to share the gospel a little bit.”

What would be your dream tour, you know, like bands to play with?
“Uhhh...we’d probably all love to do a Blur tour. You may have heard us cover a Blur song tonight, we do that on rare occasion...tonight we decided to throw it in.”

Speaking of Blur, the new album...does it hold up to the other Blur albums?
“I like the new Blur record a lot, and I think just about any band that you start liking...whatever album you like first tends to be the album you like best, and they’ll never do another record at all that holds up to your favorite, so a lot of people that first got introduced to Blur on this new record, don’t care too much for their old records, so it really is different. You have to appreciate what they’re doing differently.”

What other bands besides Blur influence you guys?
“Oh, man, all kind of bands from Radiohead to The Verve...we listen to a LOT of’s hard to even name them all...Pavement...the list goes on and on.”

A lot of people say you guys sound really that something you guys try for, or does it just come naturally, the whole pop aspect of it?
“No, I think it’s the fact that we’re trying to write pop songs. A lot of American bands aren’t into the song as much as some kind of vibe. They mixed our record in London, and the guy, Mark Freeguard, who’s done like The Breeders and Ride, and everyone hanging out in London thought it was an American sounding record, so, people in American think it sounds British, but you won’t fins any fake Brit accents on the record or anything. We’re not trying to sound British, we’re just trying to write cool songs.”

What’s your favorite song on the record, and why?
“Lately, kind of a band favorite would be ‘Lullaby’, ‘cause it’s kind of a cool, rocking praise and worship’s a fun song to play live, and we have a lot of fun with it. I’m also a little partial to ‘Angels’. I’m always wanting to play it, and the rest of the guys...that’s the first song to get cut, you know? Some nights we do it, and nights, like tonight, we don’t...I don’t know why.”