When you're the lead singer of CCM's most prolific hardcore band, where do you go from there? If you're Myk Porter from Six Feet Deep, you go indie with and emo band...and Kurt Morris is here to tell you why.

How did Brandtson get started?
It started as a project a while back for Myk (Porter), and stayed that way for a while until the definite ending of Sixfeetdeep, [then] he decided to pursue it as a full time thing.

Tell me about the new album.
The album is a full length, it has 10 songs, [and] we produced it ourselves. Six of the songs were recorded a year ago almost to be released as an EP, but we never quite had the money to do it, so after the band took form, we recorded the four new songs and Myk and I scraped up the money and just did it.

Did Brandtson get any offers to sign with any other record companies besides Steadfast?
No, not officially, [although] some word of mouth stuff took place. We are hoping to go with someone a bit bigger.

Are you guys playing many shows yet?
We've only played 2 shows so far, but we've got a few more booked, and hopefully we'll be able to get on the road some more here in the near future.

Who influences Brandtson, musically and lyrically?
Hmmm, [that's a] tough call. I can't honestly comment, as I wrote none of either, but I know the lyrics are very personal. Musically we are all into similar stuff, but I wouldn't say we base our song writing on any of it.

If it's not too hard, could you give a brief summary of what each song is about?
This would be much easier if I had written them, [then] I could say what was going on in my life or through my head at the time, but I didn't, so in all honesty I can't, but I think the lyrics somewhat speak for themselves'. Sorry to back out on the question, I just don't feel comfortable interpreting others' words.

Does Myk sing all the lead vocals in the album, because some parts almost sound like there's two different vocalists?
Yeah, there are two vocalists. Our drummer, Jared, sings mainly on "ninevah" and does the majority of the back ups on the newer stuff at least. We have some newer stuff in the works that he sings more on.

What's your favorite song on the album and why?
My favorite is "blindspot", both lyrically and I think musically too. Its also the saddest to me, [because it] reminds me of my old girlfriend. " know me better than I know myself, and I trust you more than I trust anyone else..."

What do you guys do for day jobs?
Myk and Jared both work together in a motor repair shop. John works at a bookstore, and I am for the first time in my life (well since 16) unemployed. I worked for 5 years at the same job, [and] hated it. [I] got a new factory job for 2 months [and] hated it more than anything, and quit a month ago, so I need a job quick.

What's your favorite Jawbreaker song?
Wow. Tough question. On what does one base his answer; physical prowess, keen detection skills...? Sorry. I started a movie quote and couldn't let it go unfinished. I don't know, [though]. I am so into his lyrics, [so] it would be really hard to pick just one. Jet Black, Ashtray Monument, Ache, Jinx Removing...shall I go on?

How are things going with Steadfast Records? Any other new stuff coming out besides Brandtson?
Things are going slow, but they are alive at least. It's frustrating because I am so held back by money. I have all these things I want to do but no $$$ to do them. Next up is the 'Radiowaves And Gibberish' compilation CD [which should be] out on the 7th of August.

Any final comments, questions, or things that you hate about Idy?
Thanks for your time, [and] please contact Steadfast for a catalog and stuff. Come see us play in your town if we ever make it there. Idy's hair is scary, but then again so is John Tesh's, so what are you gonna do?

Write Matt for a Steadfast Records catalog at: Steadfast Records, PO Box 53, Avon Lake, OH 44012-0053

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