Damien Jurado
Being 3 of the so-called "Sub Pop Christians" (along with Jeremy Enigk and Eric Matthews) isn't a job...it's a label. But Damien has been in tons o' cool punk, hardcore, and emo bands...more than you can shake a swizzle stick at. Thanx to Kurt Morris for this super exclusive interview...

Will you be doing more projects for Sub Pop and/or Tooth & Nail?
Yeah, I was just asked to do another record for Sub Pop. I start writing for it after I come back from tour. As for Tooth and Nail, well, Brandon has pressured in the past to do a record along the same vain as Coolidge. Dave Bazan (Pedro the Lion, Coolidge) and I have started another band called "Winslow" but we haven't practiced in a while.

What is going on with Casa Records? Any new releases you can tell us about? Any planned releases you can discuss?
Well right now we are currently under construction. We are discussing the possibility of doing a 7" with this band called "Side Car Virtigo". But that is still in the wood works. We are still doing tape comps. I'm putting a new one together right now. Casa Records - "Go cassette, cd's are boring!!"

How did Coolidge get started?
Coolidge was spawned from a band called "The Guilty" who later became "Linus" who later became "Coolidge". Just different guitar players each time.

What other artists and/or bands have influenced you?
Well,...hmm, where should I start? Ok,... Black Flag, Minor Threat, Daniel Johnston, Bob Dylan, Lou Barlow, Sebadoh, The Beattles, George Winston, Steve Scott, Roadside Monument, Beat Happening, Lou Reed, etc.

Can you identify some moment(s) or event(s) where you strongly felt God's presence in your life?
Many times. That's kind of a broad question. I feel God's presence in my life everyday.

Are you pleased with the way "Waters Ave. S." has been received?
I'm very pleased. It's cool to do a record like that and to have people like it. I will admit I was afraid of what people would say about it. In the begining I personally found it a bit extream, but after living with it for awhile I see things differently. I think you have to take chances when it comes to music.

The "staff" at the Blue Star Journal unanimously agree that "Waters Ave. S." is one of the best releases of the year. Would you care to comment?
Wow! really?... Thank you very much. :)

Sub Pop now has a small contingent of artists who are professed Christians. Is there an "insider" at Sub Pop or do they just recognize good stuff when they hear it?
There's no insider. I don't think it's purposely planned that way either. They don't sign bands based on their religion.

Do you have any touring plans, and if so, how does it usually work, since your album has so many different instruments? Will Steve Fisk be coming along to play with you?
Steve is far to busy. I will be touring this Sept. with a piano player and trombone player.

What does your wife think of your music?
She's my biggest fan.

What do you do for a day job?
I was doing temp work, but that's over now because I'm going on tour.

How's the music scene in Seattle?
We've had some of our major clubs close down. But the all ages scene is still alive and growing. I perfer all age shows any way.

Could you give a brief history of your life in the music scene? When did you become interested in music, start playing in bands, etc.?
I got involved in the punk scene in the fall of 89, playing in many punk bands. After a while it got real old real fast, and I decided that I would basically do my own thing. I started writing folk songs using basic punk rock chords. Singing songs about love and then recording them on boom boxes. Sorry to say my life in the Seattle "punk scene" was very short lived.

I know on your website at Sub Pop, you don't really want to explain the song "Purple Anteater". Would you care to now?
Not really.

What's your favorite song on 'Waters Ave. S.'?
"Angel of May"

Any final comments, questions, or things you'd care to share with the rest of us that you've learned in life?
Go the other way.

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