Y'know, Danielson bashing is pretty cool these days. The CCM industry has a thing for finding something or someone that doesn't quite fit in, and ridiculing it. People get tired of the cookie cutter form that a lot of these depressed Prozac-dependant grunge stars, that when a hopelessly honest artist comes along, like Danielson..it's new. It's wierd. But it's beautiful. Special thanx to Kurt Morris for interviewing this very special artist...enjoy.

Tell me about Tell Another Joke at the ol' Choppin' Block.
"This album is written as an "album". As opposed to A Prayer For Every Hour which was a compiling of scattered 4-track recordings and then mushed together into a long journey (ordeal). Tell Another Joke... is a puzzle in that it all adds up into the final 'jokin' at the block' song. All the visuals and sounds are working clues to the final chorus of it."

How was it working with Kramer and actually doing things professionally, as oppossed to recording at home?
"It was quite smooth. We recorded and mixed the album in four days. We came prepared because we knew Kramer works very quickly. He doesn't allow time for second guessing. Keeping it fresh. We were a little nervous at the beginning, but we just let go and started playing the songs and moving on. It was later that we realized they sounded fine. I enjoy Kramer's ears very much he did just what I was hoping. As far as home recording, that is going to continue. Home recording has a different kind of vibe, it's a comfortable personal recording time. Some future songs point to the studio, some to our basement."

How did the tour go?
"The tour was surprisingly enjoyable.I thought touring might be the dues one has to pay, but I can't wait to go back out."

Who have you been listening to lately?
"Pete Seeger, Aphex Twin, Erik Satie, Beach Boys..."

Who influences you, lyrically?
Not directly but somehow...Shel Silverstein...Dylan...Jad Fair..."

How do you explain your popularity in the CMJ market?
We've been playing NYC quite a bit and they've been receiving it quite well, of course we meet people, who know people, who know people, but I don't know."

Tell me who all is in the band, and what they play.
"The line-up isn't the band, the "songs" are Danielson. But my brothers and sisters and friends all play on the albums and play live when each can."

How do you feel about the view that many people have when they call your music "crap" and that you're not good enough to be on T&N? (That's not my personal view, but I know a lot of punks that have said that)
"These songs are not written for a 'certain people', they are written for 'people'. I understand some won't recieve them, and that is the way it should be. I choose to let the listener make that decision. I'm more interested in people recieving the songs based on their own experience with them, not what style they listen to. I am completely comfortable with rejection."

What do you do for a day job?
"I'm a carpenter."

Can you tell me a little about the tour this fall?
"Danielson and Soul Junk will be touring together in August (and) September starting in San Diego and moving north to end up at TOM fest outside of Portland, then head east to CMJ in NY, then east coast."