Fold Zandura consists of Jerome and Jyro (ex-Mortal) and drummer Frank Lenz. Now on BEC, their major label debut, return, was on Sublime Records. My good buddy Jerome sat down for an interview, and here's what he said...

Explain how you first hooked up with Tony Shore and Sublime Records. "We've known Tony for awhile now. Since the early days of Mortal when He was working for Frontline Records. He's a great guy."

How did Mortal break up and kinda turn into Fold Zandura? "Mortal ended December of 94'. Jyro and I decided to start some sort of a project band in the summer of 95'. We asked Frank Lenz to join us and that was when Fold Zandura got going."

You guys (Jerome and Jyro) seem to have a pretty cool partnership going there...what roles do you play? "Jyro is pretty much the principle songwriter. I come along for overall structure, production and soda runs."

So what's the deal with the BEC Records signing? "We have signed a longterm deal with BEC Records. We've been signing short term deals lately (SubLime, 5 Minute Walk, etc.) because we weren't comfortable with the deals we've been getting. We really liked the deal that Brandon from BEC Records offered us. We won't be going to another label for awhile. A long while."

Playing concerts:love or dread? "Totally love."

How would you describe your music to someone who had never heard it before? ""Pop music with a guitar driven edge topped off with samples and electronics. It's the music of the future."

What lead you to re-release "Dark Divine" (indie debut) on Sublime? "We decided to rerelease some older songs with a couple of new songs through this label. The reason being is because of the wider distribution it had. It gave us a chance to have our album heard in more places than the independent release."

What are you most proud of in your...

Christian life? "I'm not really proud of my Christian life. I've fallen many many times. I'm just very glad that there isa God who cares and loves me and that there is this thing called Grace. Because of that, I live my life for Him and only Him and when given a chance, I might spread some of that love to those He brings in front of me. I take my spiritual life one step at a time."

Music life? "I'm very lucky to be doing the music that I do. I really love the music Fold Zandura is creating."