It's high time that T&N signed a good spazzcore band. That's what I've always said at least..."This world needs more spazzcore bands."

Actually, I've never said that, I just like saying the word "spazzcore".

Frodus is:
  Shelby Cinca - guitar/vocals age 21
  Nathan Burke - bass/vocals age 21
  Jason Hamacher - drums age 21

For someone who's never heard Frodus, who would you tell them you sound like?

"The best comparisons I've heard for Frodus is Shellac meets Hose.Got.Cable ... some just call us spazzcore".

How did Frodus hook up with T&N?

"We are friends with Roadside and we talked about doing a split record together so we worked on that.. and then we kinda just ended up talking to tooth and nail about doing future releases with them.. and next thing we know The Conglomerate begins it's merger with the Tooth and Nail corporation for global assimilation."

Tell me about the split EP with Roadside Monument.

"The split EP has two songs with our previous bassist, Mason... we recorded at WGNS in DC and it's produced by our Frodus Sound Laboratories offical producer Jonathan Kreinik, who has recorded us before.. he did our Explosions 7" which is out on Day After Records.. the split EP has two exclusive songs that won't appear on the album. We are recording the album in December and it will hopefully be around 12 songs and it will entitled Conglomerate International. It will also be produced by Jonathan Kreinik."

I noticed that you guys have a lot of tour dates lined up. How important is touring and/or the live show?

"Touring is very important for us.... If you don't tour than when do you do? The live show of Frodus is very important since that is where the energy is experienced the most ... when you record it is a bit more methodical where live it is more just chaotic and insane."

You guys have a lot at your website about big business and Frodus. Care to explain?

"The gap has already been bridged between business and the music world. It's been done for us, we are just fueling the machine and subverting order as we are amongst the cogs."

Does Frodus have any kind of goal as a band?

"Our goal as a band is to be heard and to write records we are happy with and especially to have fun."

I noticed that in the Frodus bio, you said that you met the drummer at church camp. Is religion still a big part of your life?

"I seperate Religion and Faith.. religion is an institution and a drug at times ... faith is different. So religion isn't important."

How's the music scene around there?

"The DC scene is kinda strange, it has alot of little scenes within it like the whole Dischord scene, Hardcore scene, Punk scene, Indie rock ... and not all of it crosses over but at times they do.... I dunno, it's pretty cool. There has been alot of things happening in the suburbs which is nice as well. I dunno, DC tends to go in weird fluxes where there is lots of stuff happening and then lots of stuff not happening."

How do you feel about Roadside Monument?

"Roadside Monument are excellent! That's why we are doing a split record with them. Doug does mule kicks when they play, it is the best thing ever."

Any final comments, questions, or quotes from movies?

"Final comment. Mmm.... 'Suspicion breeds confidence,' from the movie Brazil."