I'm just like you kids. I like the rock'n'roll. Lately, punk's blown up, with 14 year olds wearing Green Day shirts and preppy chicks bleaching their hair so they can be cool. So it's high time that a new punk band rips up the music world, and that punk band is no other than Ghoti Hook. If memory serves me correctly, the guy I talked to was Joel Bell, but I'm wrong a lot. So just rest assured that whoever this is, he's in Ghoti Hook.

HOW DID YOU GUYS FIRST GET INVOLVED IN MUSIC? We all kinda just messed around with instruments from when we were kids or in jr. high.

WHO DO YOU COUNT AS YOUR INFLUENCES? At first it was like Violent Femmes and Dead Milkmen, then punk got in there, but most of us like anything thats melodic and upbeat.

HOW DID THE BAND GET TOGETHER? We met through this one youth group. Adam Christian and Joel knew each other since they were kids, me and Jamie are cousins.

A FRIEND OF MINE SAW YOU GUYS IN CONCERT, AND WAS DESIGNATED THE "MOSH POTATO". HE STILL HURTS. ANYTHING TO SAY TO HIM? Dancing takes less damage on one's person, and its more creative. i know it's hard to dance when you're packed in there, but its more fun than bumping into a ton of sweaty guys. Find a fun girl and dance with her.

ANY FUNNY TOUR STORIES? Our van broke down four times in one week over this winter, and it died. so we had to rent a moving van to get us home. Actaully that's not funny, it's sad.

YOU OBVIOUSLY HAVE SOME VERY, VERY, VERY SERIOUS, SOMBER SONGS LIKE "MONEY", "KNOCK KNOCK", AND "SPICE DROPS". WHERE DO YOU GET THE INSPIRATION FOR THESE SUBTLE WORKS OF ART? These songs come from the soul. Straight from my inner being. I am a sad sad person inside, and thats what comes out.

HOW DO YOU FEEL ABOUT PUNK ALL OF A SUDDEN GETTING HUGE IN THE MAINSTREAM? I really dont care. It's annoying sometimes, but name me one person who was born punk. Everyone starts to like punk sometime in their lives and just because someone started with Green Day and not the Decendants, means that they got to it later. But the person who liked punk in the 80's still had to learn to like it too.

WHAT'S YOUR FAVORITE GANGSTA RAPPER? The Fresh Prince. He's gangsta right?

WHO'S ROBB-A? Robb-a is Jamie's and my cousin. He dresses weird and dances the "Hurt me" dance.

WHAT DOES GHOTI HOOK MEAN? Ghoti is a phonetic spelling of "Fish" so its fish hook. Say the GH= as in the word rouGH, and O as in wOmen, and TI as in addiTIon. The pronunciation is F-I-SH.

WHAT'S IN THE FUTURE FOR GHOTI HOOK? Hopefully getting onto a big mega label and touring with The Fresh Prince. Warner Brothers has always sounded cool. TV series. Action figures. Pu blic Office.