What makes a good record company? The people behind the scenes. Or in this case, the person...Jeff Cloud, one of the nicest guys out there, or so I've heard. They've put out great bands, between a limited edition Starflyer 59 live e.p., a great Jupiter James album, and cool stuff from Pony Express, Jettenderpaul, and more. Kurt Morris had himself a little chat with Jeff, and it went a little like this...

How's Velvet Blue doing nowadays? VBM is doing great, it's already surpassed my expectations. (for being so new) We've received a great response from our releases and I hope it continues to grow.

How hard was it to start the label? To be honest, it wasn't terribly hard. I knew what I wanted to do so I did it. Procrastination is the worst thing in the music industry, so basically at VBM we attempt to not procrastinate at all. We work on stuff until it's done.

Who's your favorite band on the label? I don't know if they're my favorite, but I probably listen to Jettenderpaul the most. They're recording new songs right now and I'm really excited to hear them.

What do you look for when signing a band? We mostly look for good songs, good hearts, and good attitudes. I have a really good relationship with all the bands on VBM. That's something that is important to me. Again, though, we just look for good songwriters.

How did you hook up with Brainstorm? Gene, the owner of Brainstorm is just a friend of mine. I was doing booking for a few of the Brainstorm bands when I started VBM, so it was a natural thing for us to collaborate.

Is there any sort of touring that you require among your bands? No. Most labels insist on touring, but we don't. If a band wants to tour-great. If not-that's fine as long as they produce good songs.

What do you think of the Christian music industry? I think that it could be greatly improved. I believe Tooth & Nail has kind of paved the way to improvement, but there's still a lot that could be done. And that's what I'm trying to do.

As of now, who are your five favorite bands? 1. Red House Painters 2. Starflyer 59 3. Joy Electric 4. The Smiths 5. Jettenderpaul

How many people work for Velvet Blue? There are only 3 people including myself who currently work for VBM. So when someone orders a 7" my mailorder, I'm usually the one who stuffs it in an envelope and mails it out. There's not too much of a big business atmosphere going on at VBM.

How's the scene in Southern California right now? What's big, musically? As far as the mainstream in So. Cal., it's punk rock, punk rock, punk rock. I'm not really a fan of punk stuff, so it's hard to say the scene isn't so good. Ska is also really big-again, I'm not a big fan of ska either-SO as far as the scene goes here-I don't like it too much.

Any final comments, questions, or holidays that you really hate? Yes, the Lord is coming soon, so be ready. Does anyone else not like ska? And I don't hate any holidays-I love Christmas, Easter and Thanksgiving. God Bless, VBM.