So they aren't rich and famous, and you probably haven't even heard their amazing album The Power of Failing. Get over it...Gabe Wiley (drums) is Tess Wiley(ex-Sixpence, Phantasmic)'s bro, and crank! Records were geniuses when they snatched Mineral up...so here's Kurt Morris, emoboy extrordinaire with Christopher...

Tell me about the new album. (What it's called, who produced it, how many songs, etc., etc.)
"What new album... just kidding. Oh, the new album doesn't really have a title we can speak of yet, cause we've changed it twenty times already, and those sort of details are always tentative until the actual covers are printed and there's no turning back. We recorded the music with Mark Trombino who we have nothing but nice things to say about. He's extremely talented and just an all around good guy to have on your side of the court. The music sounds great but we haven't recorded any vocals yet. Records are not the sort of things that can be rushed without coming out really terrible, so everyone will just have to be patient, cause it could still be a little while before the thing is finished and out there. There will be ten brand spanking new Mineral anti-rock songs on it."

Who influences Mineral, musically and lyrically?
"This question always depends on which member of the band you're asking. We all have very different tastes and for the most part what we listen to sounds nothing like what we end up writing."

What's the deal with Mineral and Interscope? (I heard that you guys are leaving Crank! and going to Interscope, but I'm a moron, so would you care to explain if that's true or not?)
"True, and somewhat false... we signed a contract with Interscope that will not go into effect until our third album. so this next one will be solely on Crank! If we are still around in a year and a half or whenever we would be making our third record, then yes our records will be on Interscope."

Do you feel that you guys are the leaders in emo or anything, seeing how your name is usually brought up the most (next to Sunny Day Real Estate) when it comes to talking about emo?
"Whatever... we are appreciative for anyone who enjoys our music or expresses an interest in it, but the whole scene thing is kind of silly to us. People should just call music music and support the music they like."

There's been a pretty big deal made about Mineral and Christianity, e.g. you guys are a "christian band", Tess Wiley is Gabe's sister and she does stuff in the "christian market", etc. How do you feel about all that?
"It's a silly thing. What is a "christian band" ? is your coffee table a "christian coffee table"? The "christian market" is a place for bands eager for financial gain, or success, or just popularity to ride on the coattails of something that is supposed to mean something. it's a crime and it should not be supported. If a band is good enough or has anything worthwhile to offer to the general public they won't need it. No, Mineral is not a "christian band." We are human beings who love to make music. That is not to say that some of us may not be Christians but that has nothing to do with why we play music. At the most, it may affect some of the lyrical perpectives, but lyrics have to come from the heart, and any good lyrics will reflect, to some degree, what a person feels or believes."

How did the tour with Jimmy Eat World and Sense Field go?
"Absolutely amazing. Nothing about it could have been any better. All the people in the bands got along, there were no attitudes, the shows were packed. It was a perfect tour, we couldn't have asked for a better one."

Anymore touring plans?
"Possibly a west/midwest jaunt with Jimmy Eat world and The Get-Up Kids in August. Keep your eye out for that."

Do you guys have any kind of message that you try and get across with Mineral, or is it just sort of the life and times of Christopher Simpson?
"Lyrically, I suppose it is the life and times of Christopher. But if lyrics aren't personal then how can they be written or sung with any sort of passion or conviction. I hope, and think from people's responses, that a lot of the themes in them are able to related to by lots of different people, and sort of applied to their own lives and times."

What are your thoughts on the music industry?
"It is an industry, like any other. The focus (at least from the industry's point of view) is always on the money. Gotta make money, gotta sell records, gotta get rich. It's not original or new, it's the way things have always been. Integrity or honesty can always be replaced by personal wealth and fame, right?"

How do you feel about "The Power of Failing" and what's your favorite song off that album?
"I should make it clear at this point if I haven't already done so, that this is Christopher speaking, and my views may not express those of Mineral as a whole. I will try to speak objectively for the whole band though. As a whole we're not too excited about "The Power of Failing." Personally, I wouldn't change a thing about it. Obviously, we are anxious to move on a do something different. We have been playing a lot of the same songs for over two years now, and we are very excited anbout the music on the new record and eager to finish it so we can get it out and start touring with the new material."

So there you have it...alternative rock icons? Nope. Kings of emo? Who knows. A good band?...yep.