Blenderhead was one of the first bands on the now huge Tooth and Nail Records. As their front man, Bill Power put out two of the most memorable records the punk world has ever seen. Well, you can kiss Blenderhead goodbye, but not Bill.

How did the break-up of Blenderhead come to be? Nothing too dramatic. We just kind of all got busy with other stuff. Paul (bass) moved to Oregon with his wife and 2 kids to make a career for himself. Eben (guitar) went to Africa, and then Europe and is now living in Oregon working at a bakery or something. Matt (drums) toured as drummer for Stavesacre, Starflyer 59 etc. and then joined Roadside Monument as their drummer. Ed (guitar) started playing with Damien (Sub Pop) and is on tour with him right now. I got really busy with my job at Tooth & Nail. Matt, Ed and I were going to maybe do a 3rd record as Blenderhead. But, Ed didn't want to do it without Eben,etc. So, after a year or more of this I decided to just say that we were officially broken up.

Tell some stuff about your new band. Pinyata is the name. Matt still plays drums. (busy guy!) I sing and play bass. Dale (The Cootees, 90 Lb. Wuss) plays guitar. It's basically my project. We're doing it for the pure joy of playing this time. We aren't going to tour. We are going to play at TOM Fest this year in August. Other than that we don't have any shows booked...and don't plan to. No pressure.

Do you think that that Christian industry is lacking in good punk music that people can listen to and relate to? I could care less about anything called the "Christian industry". Music is music. There are plenty of good bands to listen to.

What do you think was the best album of the year? Last year? For sure Jawbox "Jawbox".

Who is your favorite band of all time? Jawbox...duh. (Ha)

Who are some of your influences? Post punk rock and emo bands mostly. I grew up listening to bands like Black Flag, Minutemen, The Vandals, TSOL, The Adolescents, The Exploited, X, etc. The bands I most like now are Jawbox, Fugazi, Quicksand, Sensefield, Texas Is The Reason, Garden Variety, Girls Against Boys, Puller, Seven Storey Mountain, Molly McGuire, Boy's Life, Mineral, Kerosene 454, Helmet, etc. I listen to a lot of music.

How did you come to work for Tooth and Nail Records? I've known Brandon since he was in college - long before there ever was any such thing as "Tooth & Nail Records". He signed Blenderhead when Wish For Eden was the only record he had out. About the time that we were recording "Prime Candidate For Burnout" I convinced him to let me start his mail order business from our apartment in Seattle (my wife Michelle and I) while the main office was stil in L.A. I took it over...a few months later he decided to move to Seattle and I became Operations Manager. There was 4 people working for him then. Now there are 11. We've put out over 80 records. I've been on the payroll 3 of the 4 years that T&N has been a company. The longest of anybody besides Brandon.

Is Brandon a cool guy to work with? The best. He's a creative, amazing, gregarious person. We are great friends.

How do you feel about moshing, which has come under fire lately in the CCM world? There are ways to do a pit - and there are ways not to do a pit. I think people who want to see bands should go to shows - and people who want to riot should stay home and play football.

What's the weirdest band you've ever heard? Ween - or maybe King Missle. But, the best by far is John Pierce. He's a genius.