Mike Lewis surprised everyone last year. He left his old group, For Love Not Lisa, to start a new post-punk band on Tooth And Nail Records, Puller. So how does Mike feel about certain topics we threw at him? Not much, obviously.

BAND NAME? My son...when he was learning to walk would pull on me, and I would call him Puller.

SO, UMMM...WHY DID YOU LEAVE THE BAND?I left FLNL because we were not getting along and life is too short to be doing something you don't like anymore.

FAVORITE SONGS ON SUGARLESS? I like most of the songs.

FAVORITE BANDS? I am a fan of so many bands that it would be impossible to pick one.

YOUTH CENTER IN OKLAHOMA YOU GUYS STARTED? Well, it is a coffee shop. We have bands and poetry reading stuff like that.

HOW'S THE MUSIC SCENE IN OKLAHOMA? There is no music scene in Oklahoma!

VIEWS ON MINISTRY? I feel called to do what ever God askes me too, I hope he ministers through me at all times.

FAVORITE ALBUMS? All Jawbox records.

So there you have it folks. Short? Yes. Insightful? Weeeeeeelllllll...that's for you to decide. They are a great band, however, and well worth the hype.