Making waves in the music business shouldn’t be much of a surprise when you've got talent like Sherri does. Between releasing her debut album, Faces, Memories, Places, on 5 Minute Walk and sharing the stage with bands such as Model Engine, Dimestore Prophets, and Dryve, Jongeward has created quite a buzz for herself...

how did you get started in music?
"I started years ago with Youth With A Mission (YWAM). There was this girl who wrote music, and I would just harmonize with her. Pretty soon, I was writing my own stuff. I went to youth detention centers and played my songs there...I actually did that a lot!"

what is the #1 song you're most proud of on the new album?
"Hmmm. I'd have to say "Restore". It has a lot of personal meaning. We recorded the music live, with the cello, guitar, percussion, etc.. We all just sat in a room and did it live. I really feel that the emotion got captured."

how did you get hooked up with 5 Minute Walk Records?
"I've known Frank Tate (label head) for a while. I had sent out a demo and talked to different groups of people, and I just really like where he's coming from."

what is your number one influence?
"Wow., real-life situations. Things that inspire me to write."

who are your top three fave bands?
"Innocence Mission, I like them a lot. Let's see...I really like those "At the Foot of the Cross" albums. Oh yeah, and Pedro the Lion is really good. I love David Bazaan's songs.

how was it like working with Aaron Sprinkle (ex-poor old lu, now Rose Blossom Punch)?
"Really cool. He produced it and played electric guitar. His dad played acoustic guitar and even accompanies me on stage. Watch out for Rose Blossom Punch, it's going to be awesome."

and now, for (whirl)'s heavy deep theological question of the month...what's your favorite Saturday morning cartoon, past or present? "The old black and white Mickey Mouse cartoons, definitely."