poor old lu was THE (with the possible exception of The Prayer Chain) best Christian rock band ever. Every album they put out ( Star Studded Super Step, Mindsize, Sin, Straight Six,andA Picture of the Eigth Wonder) are modern rock classics. Not to long ago, Aaron Sprinkle, lead guitarist, surprised us all by releasing a song by his side project, Rose Blossom Punch, on Tooth and Nail's @rtcore vol.1. That song, "Sowing in the Sun" created a massive buzz for this new mystery band no one had heard anything about. When poor old lu sadly broke up, the big question was, what's going on with RBP? (whirl) chatted with Aaron to see what's old, what's new, and what HE chooses at the local grocery store.

You created a buzz with those 2 songs on the Artcore compilations. Exactly how did you get hooked up with Tooth And Nail for those songs? "Brandon and I are friends so he asked me if I wanted to do a song for the first Artcore. I guess he liked it so he asked me back for the second."

What's up with the new band? "Well, Nick is now on bass and the old bass player Terry Coggins is playing guitar. Iím really exited to be in a band with two guitarists. We are just about to sign a deal with Sara Bellum Records." "The album is due out in Sept. Ď97. Weíll start recording in the middle of May."

You've done a lot of producing (MxPx, Blenderhead, Don't Know, Grammatrain, etc.). What's your all time favorite band to work with? "Thatís a very difficult question. Grammatrain are an incredible bunch of guys. I just did a CD with a local band called Iresonís Ride (very cool) and we had a blast."

What contributed to the break-up of poor old lu? "This could take up a whole interview by itself. In a nutshell it was just time. All our lives were changing dramatically but mostly I really believe it was just Godís will."

What's your most memorable moment playing with poor old lu? "Definitely Cornerstone Ď95."

Back to RoseBlossomPunch - are they going to tour? "YES! We will be doing some this summer and probably really kicking in in the fall."

Who would you say are your biggest influences? "Well thatís a big question. This month Iím wearing out my Amy Mann and Red House Painters Cds. But I love so much music, The Beatles, Elvis Costello, The Posies, Neil Young, Ride, Fiona Apple, Matthew Sweet, etc."

What CD is in your CD player as we speak? "Amy Mann - 'I'm With Stupid'"

Paper or plastic? "Plastic?"