There are a couple of real exciting bands that have burst out on the scene in 1997. Bands like All Star United, Eager, and Switchfoot are creating fresh modern rock with no boundaries. Switchfoot’s energetic blend of jazz, funk, pop, punk, and straight ahead rock have made their debut disc, The Legend of Chin, a huge seller, and they’re selling out concerts all around the US of A with All Star United and Third Day. I recently got the chance to chat with lead guitarist and vocalist Jon Foreman at one of his shows...

First off...what’s up with the surfing? I heard you guys are like sponsored by Redsand and what else? Black Flys? Is that what I heard? “Not Black Flys...there’s a company called DSO that gives us sunglasses, and surfboard companies that have helped us out for a while. Just people in the industry that have been really cool to us, and that’s really exciting.”

How long has Switchfoot been together for? “We’ve been together for a year and a half.”

How’d you guys meet? “Well, my brother and I have been playing music for a while. Our drummer’s been around, I’ve been friends with him since high school, so it’s been a kinda natural chain of events...just hanging out. We were in different bands, but our bands just broke up, so we started playing together in my bedroom.”

Right guys are all college age and high does it feel to be one of the youngest bands out there, but still getting accepted in the modern rock scene? “It’s pretty cool. I really like young kids that have something going for them. It’s really encouraging to see people singing our lyrics and stuff. I mean, as far as being accepted, it’s been awesome to have people playing our stuff on the radio. We’re very blessed by what God’s given us, and that’s the way we look at it.”

So, what’s your favorite song on the album and why? “Right now, my favorite song is ‘Home’, which is a very cool, mellow song, and I like it a lot because the strings, that were added afterwards, add a whole new dimension, that keeps it fresh for me, so it’s probably my favorite song right now.”

Cool. How did you guys get hooked up with Charlie Peacock and re:think? “Well, first, we recorded a demo in my bedroom and other exotic locations around North County San Diego, and somehow, it ended up in his hands and he gave us a call, so that’s really just a gift from God, basically...just to be hanging out with Charlie...”

Cool. One more question...who’s better...east coast or west coast crowds? “Well, for us, we love the west coast, ‘cause everyone here know us and we know everyone here, so we’re a west cost band...but we love playing everywhere, you know? We got to go over to Europe and Hawaii...we’ll play for whoever.”

Well, there it is. Personally, their album is definitely on my best ten for 97. They had a good, energetic live show, and they’re super-cool, nice guys. I also hear that they’re pretty sick surfers...