all the waterdogs

When you say the words "Modern Rock Pioneer", what do you think? I think The Smiths, poor old lu, and definitely The Prayer Chain. While they have since broken up, like most great bands do, they are remembered in the new bands that the members have since joined or started. There's Starflyer 59, The Lasie Foundation, but where's Tim Taber? Right here.

How did you get involved in music in the first place? When I was about 11 my Dad took his old drum set out of the attic and set it up. He let my brother and sister and me play on it. I was the only one who really liked it and kept playing.

What was the first album you ever bought? I don't know. I remember buying the 7" of Star Wars music, but I was bummed because I wanted the Cantina song, but I got the theme music instead.

Were there any bands before the Prayer Chain? I was in a lot of bands starting when I was 13. There was Themm, The Informals, Picture This, Tapestry. Lots of them, but none of them were very good. Tapestry was my band before The Prayer Chain. We used to play a lot of LA and Orange County clubs.

What was your happiest moment playing with the PC? Happiest is kind of a weird question. I had a lot of fun at Cornerstone '93, the whole first couple years were pretty fun. Recording a real album, touring, flying to Europe to play shows. It was all really new, so it was fun.

What contributed the break-up of the band? I guess I kind of grew apart from the other guys. We had different things we wanted to do musically and spiritually and whatever.

You guys paved the way for a lot of bands in the Christian rock scene. What are some of the bands out today that you dig? I really like Fold Zandura, so much so that I decided to manage them. I guess I don't listen to a ton of Christian bands. I usually like my friends bands. I like Starflyer 59, Third Day, Chris Lizotte, Rita Springer. I'm listening to the new Morella's Forest right now. It's pretty cool. I like some of the new All Star United record.

We heard a rumour that you're working with Jeff Cloud on some stuff. Is that true? I guess I might sing on a song of Jeff's band Pony Express. I really wanted to play drums on a song, but I don't think he'll let me because I'm not very good.

Who would you say are your 5 biggest influences? If you're talking musical influences I'd maybe say Pearl Jam, Radiohead, Fold Zandura, The Prayer Chain and Sarah MacLaughlin. I kind of just like normal stuff, not too out there. The other guys would always expose me to new underground stuff I grew to kind of like like The Verve, Curve, Girls Against Boys, My Bloody Valentine. I kind of like the new eels record.

Do you think that rock music is an effective tool in telling people about Jesus Christ? I guess so. The Prayer Chain played a lot of shows and we didn't talk very much and people got saved and touched by God, so I think God works in rock music. I think God can work in anything. I think the best way to tell people about Christ is just to live as a Christ did, and love people.

What's in the works, music-wise, for you now? I've been slowly writing songs for a kind of solo-worship album. I'm about done recording a demo. I've just been writing with friends of mine. I hope to release an album sometime in 1997.