Mxpx is recording their new will be released on June 16th, 1998. The album is called Slowly Going The Way Of The Bufffalo with 17 songs.

New Skillet album title...Hey You, I Love Your Soul. We've already heard it, and it rocks. So why aren't we reviewing it in this month's issue? To keep you coming back for more, baby.

Coming at the end of February... Plastic Soul Impalement, the debut full length from experimental hardcore kings Training For Utopia. Advance buzz about this album says that TFU has recorded one of the best albums Tooth and Nail has ever put out...we'll keep you posted...with hopefully an interview soon...

Top Secret: Tooth and Nail might be releasing an album by an electronic band called House Of Wires. It was produced by Ronnie Martin of Joy Electric.

June 1998 - long awaited sophomore album from Puller - Closer Than You Think - and that's all you need to know.

April 7th sees the long awaited second album from Kosmos Express. Simulcast was produced by Gene Eugene, Rob Goraieb and Terry Taylor at the Green Room in Huntington Beach, Calif. and Front Page Studios in Los Angeles. The project is supported by an intense marketing plan that will focus on regional and national promotions, in addition to, the more traditional methods of radio, publicity, advertising and the in-store environment.

Silage is making preparations for the Third Day spring tour. They will join the tour on March 15th and will make the run through May 5th. Grammatrain will also be on this tour so look for a great rock-n-roll show. Also, Silage has been confirmed to play in 17 festivals this summer!

The new Huntingtons album comes out in May, closely followed by Honey's new album, which wis being co-produced by Jars of Clay.