Greetings Digital Visitor.

I am The Old School Guru.
In the near future, you will find here, my modding guides, case designs, jewelry projects, blacksmithing references, and anyhting else I can think of to put here.

Hope you enjoy.
Yahoo! (Not really, but they DO host my webpage for free) for all your one day deal goodies
My Work in Progress Lapping guide
Part 2
Zoli 25 Repair page
Zoli 25 page 2
Unfortunately, I have either lost touch with most of my friends, or (fortunately) they now qualify as family, though not necessairly through blood or marraige.
Yep. I have some. A few of them, I'm even related to.
OK, since you insist, I'll load some of MY links here, in the near future.
It's the internet. Get your own links!