Hey you!
I should create a "Matt's Webpage" drinking game...
1 drink each time I mention how fast the year has gone by
2 drinks each time I swear I'm going to change the layout of the site
3 drinks each time I suggest a CD or movie that you've never heard of
the whole thing if I actually do change the layout of the site

What's new, you ask? Let's see...finished up with school at the end of June, and since then I've been doing consulting for now. I'm looking for something permanent but doing consulting will get me more experience than I would get with a regular position. You're exposed to many different aspects of the computer field; you might be able to apply what you've learned to something in the future, then again you may never see something like that again. Currently I'm supporting the IT department at Phillips-Van Heusen corporation. After that I'll be assisting Planet Connect with their Lucent Technologies trade show.

Yes, I am still alive!
A lot has changed since I last updated, including going on a few vacations, getting my life back on track, and going back to school. You'll notice the link to Chubb Institute on the left, that is where I an currently enrolled. (No, not one of THOSE institutes. Not yet at least.) Currently my average for this course (after two quizzes and two labs) is a 91.2, last course it was a 93.7. In oder to obtain Honors status (cumulative average of 95.0 or better after two courses) I need to ace every quiz, lab, and test until the end of the cours. Which should not be too difficult, considering what we have yet to cover. I'll be finished in June baby! Woohoo!

Things I Like That You Should Too:
CDs: Last CD I picked up was the newest from the Smashing Pumpkins, "Machina - Machines Of God" and I have to admit, I haven't listened to it that much yet. Definitely check out Stand Inside Your Love, which is "today's song", definitely worth listening to.

NHL Update:Almost time for the Stanley Cup Playoffs! Currently the Dallas Stars are in third place among the Western Conference, Second seed in the playoffs (St. Louis holds the number one spot, clearly the best team all season). Dallas has had to deal with a ton of injuries, their MVP has to be...you guessed it, Eddie "The Eagle" Belfour. As a few of Dallas' finest found out, he'll peck your eyes out. It will be interesting to see how he, and the rest of the team, can do in the playoffs. I don't think another Cup win is out of the question, there are plenty of wildcards. One being Roman Turek, the St. Louis goaltender (which Dallas had to trade after last season, or they would've lost him anyway to the expansion draft) who has no playoff experience at all. Another is the Toronto Maple Leafs, whom we have had much trouble with as of late. My prediction for the finals? Stars over Caps in 6, with Sergei Zubov scoring the Cup-winner.

Movies: Last movie I saw in the theaters was Mission To Mars, it wasn't as great as the commercials made it seem (Isn't that always true?). Still a good movie, I'd recommend waiting until it comes out on video.
Looks like someone has been updating their page more often now! I've been wanting to change the background (and font color of course) for the longest time, so you might see that happen soon.

Things I Like That You Should Too:
CDs: Nothing new for this update; however on Friday I am going to see Live in concert. Expect to see a full concert review here afterwards!

NHL Update: Ok, not much for this section either. Be sure to go to NHL.com and vote for the All-Star game!

Movies: I've seen it twice already. Dogma was just incredible. Who isn't in that movie? It's over two hours long and I think it ranks up there with Clerks. Better than Mallrats and definitely, definitely better than Chasing Amy (which I really did not like). Dogma was getting a lot of bad press since there are numerous Catholic jokes and references which some might find offensive. Here's what I think of the situation.
Nobody knows for sure what people will be offended by. Just because you might not like it, does that mean you can't let anyone else view it and make their own decisions? If you hear about a television show or a movie and you feel that you might be offended, DON'T WATCH IT! I am a Catholic and I was not offended by any of it. Why? because it is a movie which was created, written and directed for ENTERTAINMENT purposes. You don't think you'll like it? Don't go see it! Watch what you enjoy and don't try to make others share your likes and dislikes.
I'll update more after the concert on Friday, hopefully with information on the Macy*s Thanksgiving Day Parade.

Bad AD&D spells to memorize

Exactly one month since my last update. I'm going to make this short since I don't have much on my mind at the moment. I'm going to keep the CD, NHL, and movie sections as a regular thing, and might add more soon. Thanks for stopping by!

Things I Like That You Should Too:
CDs: The Foo Fighters just released a new album this week, called "There Is Nothing Left To Lose". As with most new music, you really can't tell right away if you're really going to like a song or a CD, but after a few days I think their latest release is pretty good. Not on the level of "The Colour And The Shape", but then IMO not many are on that level.

NEW! For the best way to locate and download MP3s, go to www.napster.com and download the program. I have found everything that I've tried searching for with it. If you're on there, add me to your Hotlist! Computer name is BadLettuce (original huh?).

NHL Update: Does anybody know where the Dallas Stars went to? They sure aren't playing like defending champs. Their scoring is down this year, and just last night they lost to Buffalo (who will be without Hasek for possibly the whole season) by the score of 3-1.

Movies: My pick of the week is House On Haunted Hill. You really can't go wrong with Famke Janssen and Bridgette Wilson in the same movie.

That's it for right now!

Only 5 months since my last update!!
What's new with Matt, you ask? Ermmm...not too much. At least, nothing I want to bore you with. What I should be doing (who knows when) is change the format on this page...especially the color scheme, since it's not too friendly on the eyes. Any suggestions? Check out the email link on the bottom of the frame to the left.

Things I Like That You Should Too:
The new Nine Inch Nails double CD set, "The Fragile". Great work from Trent. My favorites happen to be "Somewhat Damaged", "The Wretched", and "Where Is Everybody", in case you were wondering. Definitely recommended.

NHL: IMO, the most physical professional sport in the US is hockey. Surprisingly, here in NJ the New York Rangers are televised here, and not the NJ Devils. I follow the Dallas Stars, who are going to win the Cup again this year. As I'm writing this, it's only two games into the season; but with a 2-0-0 record, that isn't important now. Mike Modano, one of the best two-way players in the NHL right now, was slammed into the boards head-first, courtesy of one Ruslan Salei from the Anaheim Mighty Ducks. The two teams meet again on 10/8 (this Friday), and I expect it to be a very physical game. Duck season opens on Friday night!

It's not really new, but The Matrix is a great movie. Incredible special effects, and if you get the DVD version, you'll see a few behind-the-scenes clips, plus interviews from cast members.

That's about it for now!

Hey, I'm human. We all make promises that we intend to keep, and something keeps us from them. Once I figure out a good excuse (other than laziness)for not updating in a while, I'll post it up here.
It's been about 3 months since I've last updated...let's see..what has changed since....well, last week I had a Comcast cable modem installed. The speed increase is just tremendous, but what I don't like about it is that it seems to "time-out" like ISDN and network connections do. Sure, I can download at about 140k/sec, but it tends to "time-out" every now and then...so I have to do something else that would send and receive, such as reload another webpage, for the downloading to kick in again. School is, well, almost done. Finals are in a few weeks, then I get to enjoy a summer...as long as it's after 5 on weekdays.
I had been doing my updating here at work for the past few months since AOL just didn't like me uploading anything and would boot me off.

Second update in two days, this is how I believe it used to be. It's about 9:00 am, and I'm waiting for my professor to show up for this class. We're in the same lab room as yesterday, using really nice Dells in here.
TGIF! With Mondays off, my weekly schedule is looking pretty good. If I could get my Wednesday C++ lecture slided over to Tuesday for the same time, I'd have that day off too. Oh well, guess we can't have everything we'd like.
New song of the day soon (it's more like month actually) as soon as I confirm the lyrics!

It's about 3:30 here, I'm in a classroom at the moment waiting for the professor to show up. I will try to update this as much as possible before he gets here, maybe even when we're doing something boring. BTW, this is an "intro to the Internet" class. ::yawn::
Nothing much has happened since my last update, other than my classes starting on the 26th. I've got Mondays off, and the rest of the days aren't so bad. Thursdays are the longest for me, first class starts at 8:00 and the last of three ends at 5:20.

One month left in the year? I can't believe how fast it went by...I also can't believe that I started the last update or two with a similar statement, but hey, how else should I start it?
No television time this year for Becca or I, same with Michelle...dad was practically the only other person on the screen during parts of the Chicago performance...that would have been me, ya know...since I was supposed to be an engineer originally. Being the nice guy that I am [pause until you regain your lunch], I switched so dad could be on TV this time. ::grins:: The rain was nasty at times, we all agreed that we will do it again next year as long as it is not raining. Snow would be better, maybe even freezing weather. Hey, that rhymes and stuff. I'll end this update before it forces you to close your browser.

What happened to the year? It is almost December already, and I think this page has been around for 2 years or so. I remember when it first started, I would update it daily with song lyrics. I keep telling myself that I want to try it again, but we will see.
Two days before Thanksgiving, and I'll be on TV again! Well, hopefully...mom had surgery a week ago and cannot be in the parade this year, my sister didn't get any papers in the mail, and neither did my good friend Becca. Mom and dad were going to be hearts (awwwww!) and I was going to be an engineer...Becca and I might take the hearts and dad will be the engineer, but we're not sure about Michelle. Things should be finalized tonight. I will update when I hear more. Update! Becca and I are going to be hearts, my father will be an engineer, and Michelle will be with Santa near the end of the parade.

It's been about four months since my last update...well, I'm not really making any huge changes, other than the main page. About the Pearl Jam "phase": I went to their first MSG show on 9/10, it was the best concert I have ever been to, without a doubt. I wrote up a concert review and submitted it to their official webpages, which you can read here. My review is the third one on that page, so you need to scroll down a bit. I've been trying to find Pearl Jam midis, for now I will use Garden (not that there's anything wrong with it). "Off He Goes" would be great to use, however I don't know how it will sound as a midi. Some convert over nicely, and some others don't. More updates to come soon.
Ok, ok, I know what I said. I haven't made any major (actually, not even minor) changes recently. The thing is, I wanted to do a major change, but now I don't know what I want to do with it. It was originally going to be based on Pearl Jam, but that was when I was in my Pearl Jam phase. Not that I don't listen to them anymore, I do, but I guess I am glad that I didn't make the changes...because I'd probably end up going back to what I had here. I have uploaded something I want to test out for a background, which will be on the same page as my picture (finally got one scanned!)