Louise Wener first thought about forming her own band whilst studying English and Politics at Manchester University. Here she met Jon Stewart (the bands' guitarist), and she and Jon played together in several smaller bands whilst at University. However, after University they both returned to London where they decided to Develop the band ' Sleeper '

Joined by Somali bassist Diid Osman, and drummer Andy McClure, Sleeper made their debut in the summer of 1993. They then signed to the indolent Indie label and released " Alice in Vain " which was quick to reach number 1 in Britain's Indie charts. This was followed by the production of their first album ' Smart ' and the bands' first British top 20 hit with Inbetweener.

In 1996 the band's second album ' The It Girl ' was released. It has proved a smash hit in Britain selling well over 180,000 copies already since it's release. This beats the release of ' Smart ', which still turned Gold and sold over 130,000 copies after its release in 1995.

Sleeper have become well known for producing their own songs, this is mainly thanks to Ilford born Louise Wener who dedicated hour after hour to writing songs for the band. She has however obtained quite a reputation from the worlds music press for her strong views about life.

She says, " The press leaped on one line ' we should go to bed until we make each Other raw ' from one of our early songs 'Delicious' and tried to make that define me for a whole year. I thought the whole thing was quite bizarre, and the song 'Lie Detector' is a response to that, and particularly the way in which women are caricatured, like you're not really allowed to be funny, and clever, and write good tunes "

Upon the subject of the bands' second album 'The It Girl' Louise says " The It Girl is a lot more confident than 'Smart'. I think we really found our feet with this one. It almost felt like the first album paved the way for it. This is also the first time we've had a long period to sit down, I locked myself away and wrote and had the best time writing it. "

The It Girl bulges with humour, lip, and contagious music, and is without a doubt and excellent album. Sleeper are now obtaining more and more media coverage in magazines like 'Q' and 'Select' and have started making an impact in the US, so surely it will not be long before they become well recognised world wide.

1997 has seen the release of the band's third album "Pleased to meet you". It seems that much of the world's music press has finally sat up and taken notice of Sleeper. After just weeks of its release, "Pleased to meet you" is receiving warm applause in many big name magazines.

Thanks to the song writing talents of Louise Wener, Sleeper have become one of Britain's leading Indie bands, and are sure to go further in the future if they can keep up their high standards in both writing, and performing.

Sleeper are - Louise Wener - Vocals and guitar ( born 30/7/68 )

Jon Stewart - Guitar (born 12/09/67)

Andy Maclure - Drums (born 10/04/68)

Diid Osman - Left band in 1996

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