Unfortunately I do not have enough server space for these sound files. But thanks to "Fletch" I have been able to link these files to his Sleeper pages, so that you can still download them from my site…

All files are in Wav format, and to download you should simply right click on the requested file, and then "Save File As" and enter a file name, the rest is done for you J

All songs are from Sleeper's first album "Smart" Hopefully I can get some made up of the other two albums in the near future.

Inbetweener - 14.87 seconds, 640 kbs

Swallow - 11 seconds, 947 kbs

Delicious - 9.63 seconds, 414 kbs

Hunch - 10.12 seconds, 473 kbs

Amuse - 10.12 seconds, 436 kbs

Bedhead - 15.41 seconds, 663 kbs

Vegas - 16.50 seconds, 710 kbs

Twisted - 9.88 seconds, 425 kbs

Alice in Vain - 17.47 seconds, 752 kbs

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