Mailing List

Thanks to James Manning, you can now register for free with this service which will keep you right up to date with the latest views of Sleeper fans and news about the group. Simply send e-mail to with " Subscribe Delicious " in the main body of the e-mail (only the main body). Then sit back and enjoy being part of Britain's best mailing service. You receive further information once you have registered about how to send your own comments to the mailing list and various other great features.

This really is an essential list for all true Sleeper fans to be part of, you will find that once your have joined, you will hear about tours, new releases, gossip, and gigs way before they are heard about through other types of media, this is because it is a list for the fans, by the fans, and therefore the postings you will read are likely to have an interesting content for all Sleeper fans J

If you have an further queries about the list, I would be happy to help you out, simply e-mail with your problems.

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