World Wide Fans

This is a spot for all true Sleeper fans to have their name proudly displayed on the World Wide Web for all to see. As some of you will have experienced, I did have a lot of problems in the design of the old page, which meant I couldn't add any more names to the list. I apologise for that, but can safely say that if you re-send me your details, I will add your name as soon as possible.

To send me your details, simply e-mail me at with your name, e-mail address and location, and I will add you to the list as soon as I can. it's me! Ed Coppard, from Brighton, England Alex Anna Corpron, from US but living in India Donnie Erique, from Santa Cruz Mathew Falcus, from England Keith James Manning, from England Ed Morris from Bradford J.Sullivan from Alberta, Canada Jeff Webb, from Bournemouth in England Eddie Yoo Heather from Canada John Dunderdale from England Val Wang from Honolulu, Hawaii Andy Pierce, from near Wolverhampton in England Dave from England Kelly from Singapore Stephen "Swainy" Swain Alistair Ward from Portsmouth, Uk Dave from West Yorkshire Cathy, 22, from Australia, now living in the Philippines

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