Sleeper Links

There are several other Sleeper related pages on the World Wide Web. All are well worth checking out. Below follows the current list of pages I have managed to track down. If you know of any others, or have one of your own, please e-mail me at and I will add the page to the list as soon as I can J

Fletch's Unofficial Sleeper Pages - Perhaps the most in depth pages on the web at the moment. Many thanks to Fletch for providing some of the material used on my pages J

James Manning's Wenermania - An excellent page of Sleeper/Louise Wener related material. Thanks also to James for allowing the use of some material on these pages J

Jani Janoven's Sleeper Pages - A very good discography, and in- depth information on the band.

Scott's Sleeper Page - A good site with plenty of information

Paul's Sleeper Pictures - Plenty of pictures of the band, and the Wener woman, as well as other Sleeper related stuff.

Ben's Sleeper Page - A good new Sleeper site

Another New Page - Well worth a look

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