Who Is Snubbed?

This section has been added, in contrast to the rest of the web-site, just to provide a little bit of space for all my Internet friends to come and learn a little bit more about me, or to just be nosy, which most of them are… J

Sorry, there is no real design to this page, its basically, work your way down, reading what you like, and missing out what you don't!

Who is Snubbed?

Snubbed is me! Ed Coppard. I was born in Brighton in England on the 9th November 1978. If you are coming to this page because I forced you to from ICQ or IRC, then you will probably know me better as "Copps18m", "Fortune_Fish" or more recently "Snubbed". Well at this point I am meant to say I am studying a degree in Business at the University Of Brighton, but, err err, methinks that is no longer the case. Sorry to disappoint you all, but I decided to give up University, mainly because I want to get out there and earn some dosh! But also because another reason, which all my best mates will surely know by now ;)

So, at the moment I am still living at home with my Mum (Linda), Dad (Dick) and older brother (Martin)

Where is Brighton?

Ok, so this section is mainly for my foreign friends, but also those of you living in remote parts of the United Kingdom, who don't know about large towns like Brighton (*wink* Tabby lol)

Brighton is situated on the south coast of England. It is a very historic town, and not only has an interesting past, but also is now known as the entertainment capital of the South J

Shopping, Clubbing, Drinking, err…err… Drinking, Clubbing, you name it, we've got it J

Below are a few of my favourite pictures of Brighton, sorry, some may be a little out of focus or small, but that's life isn't it.

Brighton Beach, looking towards West Pier

and The Palace Pier - Looking West again

Brighton Marina Village

and The beach - looking East

OK! Sorry, I know, the pictures are all very Beach orientated lol, but that's the only type I can find on the Internet on Brighton…

And No, it isn't all that good living by the sea, before you ask… cos that's what everyone says!

What do you do in your spare time?

Well… since you asked, errm not a lot really! Ok, so I do a few things heheh

My hobbies mainly include playing Cricket, in which I had trials for the county (state) side 3 years ago, but I don't get to play anymore because I have to work weekends, although that could change soon when I get a job J

I also play a lot of Golf, and Snooker, but that's about as energetic as I get! Once or twice a week I will either go for a drink with my friends, or down to "The Event" night-club, which is one of the biggest in the south, and is well known by people all along the south coast…

One of great past times over the past 4 years has been watching Brighton and Hove Albion Football Club.

The 'Albion' have been in the news a great deal over the past few years, for all the wrong reasons L Our ground was sold by the directors, and we don't have our own ground any more, and have to share with Gillingham, 75 miles away! But it's a day out I suppose heheh

The club has been in the news for the violent protests against the old board for the last couple of years, but it DID work, we got them out, and now have a new director, and plans to return to Brighton J

Anyway, when they were still in Brighton, I used to go and see most of their home games…. Below are a few of my favourite pictures from our very last game at the Goldstone Ground in 1996, when over 12,000 people packed in to say farewell to 90 years of football in Brighton…


"Albion Fans" don't they look lovely in the right light?


Ok, enough football, I know not EVERYONE likes it heheh. Away from all that, I spend quite a bit of time on-line (Sad I know). You can find me a lot of the time on IRC (Internet Relay Chat). I use Mirc, which you can download today from http://www.mirc.co.uk/get.html

I also recently have started using a new chat program called ICQ. It is also free, and can be downloaded from http://www.mirabilis.com/ so go and do it now!

On IRC, you will probably find me in #london, or more likely, my new 'home' #coffee_shop. Please visit all us Coffee Shop people at http://clear.lakes.com/~rosemary/coffee.html

Snubbed Internet Friends

I have been using IRC and ICQ for some time now, and made many friends from all over the world J . I plan to meet a few this Christmas, and I am trying to get round to all of you honest!

You could all make it easier, and come and see me in Brighton of course, but will you? Noooo lol

Below is a list of some of my friends from the Internet who I chat with regularly. Don't get upset if you are not on here, its probably due to my bad memory, which you all know about! Just tell me if I have forgotten you, and I'll add you right away! Ok?

Beetlebum^ - Stephanie from Abbottsford BC (Canada) one of the first people I met on the Internet, and a very good friend J

^Tabby^ - Jacqui from Reading in England, Another very old friend (not intended as an insult mate heheh)

Skids - Stewart from Brighton, England - my best friend in the real world, don't forget about me mate, good luck with everything, keep in touch wont ya? J

Boodle - Rebecca (Becki J ) from Woking in England (on left in picture) hmmm what can I say? Shall I do a Stewart and propose? What do ya reckon mate? Lol

Pixie_^ - Bonnie from Reading in England, the other half of the terrible duo, along with Jacqui J a bit northern, but nothing too serious heheh

Dana - Dana from Woking in Surrey (On right in photo) Originally from Holland, but decided she needed to teach us English the importance of cheese and clogs… lol

SJB - Sarah from Brighton in England - Quite amazed I met someone else on the net in Brighton, but don't ask her about her car, she just won't shut up heheh

Phoebe^ - Milena from Panama, South America, the person who's idea it was to make this page, miss you Mile, where have you gone?

Gefling - from Louisiana, USA - Very nice, but has to do a lot of cooking J

Dnet - from Scandinavia, a good mate, hard to find and times though

BEAUTY1 - Cindy from Ontario, Canada, where you got to as well!

Leticia and Tanya from Oregon, two good friends, who I hope to visit one day, I'll send those glasses soon Leticia heheh

Gandalf - Greg from Brighton, England. What's the point in talking to you mate? You only live 2 minutes away!

Lowerwolf - Clare from England, a fellow Seahorses fan, but be warned, her e-mail replies are very slow (Joke! Joke!)

AND I am sure there are many many more! Let me know if you want to be on the list J

My Musical Tastes

Well, I have to admit that my favourite bands are mostly English. Thanks to my assistant manager at work, and Becki, my musical tastes are gradually being turned away from trashy dance rubbish, to talented Indie bands, and similar music J I hate rave or techno, always have, always will! Below are some links to my favourite bands.


Sleeper - My personal favourites

The Seahorses - Thanks to Caroline, and Becki, I now think these are one of the best bands around, I even converted ^Tabby^ didn't I mate!

Alishas Attic - The sole survivors from my years as a dance manic lol

Sheryl Crow - Very Talented

Other favourites, who I don't have any links for, although there are some pages on them all… are…. Oasis, Space, and my golden oldies, The Beetles and Madness heheh, had to bung them in, oh and the Lightning Seeds! Sorry Jacqui, forgot about them didn't I ;)

Tell me what you think!

Ok, I want to know what you all think of this page, or my whole Sleeper site in general J so, unless you didn't already know my e-mail address, it is - ecoppard@fastnet.co.uk Oh and if any of you have pages you want me to add a link to, just let me know.

Right, hope I haven't bored you too much (right Becki? lol) See you all soon I hope!

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