The Spiraling Shape
Stuff on my page:
Music: Bands that I like
Planet Smashers Lyrics:  Get 'em while they're hot!
Basta Bien Films: Making films in NH since 1996
Music Printer V1.0
Fun Stuff:
 If I Were an Evil Overlord
Ways too tell if you've been in rez too long...
The Surrey Stick Figure of Death Theatre  You'll laugh!  You'll cry! You'll laugh some more!
Parsec: Looks to be a kick-ass 3D space combat sim... Multi platform, networked, killer gfx...
CJMQ Radio Bishops:  Bishops University Official Radio Station!
How to steal a mattress. WARNING!!! EXPLICIT MATTRESS STEALING!!!
Boring Stuff:
Linux links:              -- Distributors of RedHat Linux, a REAL operating system.  RedHat is amoung the
                                                     best distributions                  --  All about Linux, in all distributions (RedHat, Debian, Slackware...)         --  Not a site for butchers, this has the latest and greatest softare for Linux.                  --  Gnu Image Manipulation Program, like Adobe Photoshop, but FREE!!!!                   -- Makers of that fine word processor, Word Perfect 8.  Now for Linux!  Whoo - hoo!
Nerd Links:            --  News For Nerds.  Stuff That Matters.
Last Updated: 5/1/99