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Hanson is :

Zachary Hanson:The little brother. He's 11 (soon 12) and he plays the drums.(middle)
Taylor Hanson:The middle brother, who is 14 and plays the keyboard.(left)
Isaac Hanson:The big brother, 16, he plays guitar and the piano.(right)

Middle of Nowhere     After two independent CDs produced with their own money, the three brothers from Tulsa, Oklahoma, have released their first worldwide distributed album titled Middle of Nowhere on May 6th '97 in the US. Despite their young age, they've got a great mastery of MMMbop single music-composing for they made 4 songs on the album entirely on their own. For the rest of the album, they have received help from such great song-writers as Mark Hudson, Ellen Shipley, Stephen Lironi,... And it so created a record filled with 13 songs mixing different styles going from pop, to modern rock and 70's soul, which is actually the best one since, well, let's say, quite a bit time.

    And you guys, in the US, seem to have noticed that for their single MMMbop has reached number one. It must be said that this song is definitely one of the most catchy of the album (along with Man From Milwaukee, A Minute Without You,... well, for me.)Where's the Love single
i will come to you single     They're said having something of the Jackson Five. And I think Taylor's voice definitely sounds a bit like Michael Jackson's on a few songs, like Yearbook.
    But this is music, so why talking, just listen to a part of the single MMMbop (672kb WAV or RealAudio 3.0 (from Hanson site at Polygram)) and click here for the MMMBop live from i will come to you single (284Kb MP3).
    And don't forget their second (well OK fourth) album will be out on November 18!

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