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I have played with most name brand clubs.

Let me tell you how each one stacks up on the course.


I have a friend who works in the pro shop at a golf course in Maryland.  This friend would let me take new clubs to the golf course to try out when I played there.  I have played with most of the name brand clubs, and not just at the driving range either. But rather, 18 holes on a tough course.  I have my favorites, and lots of real info ( not hype ) about many name brand clubs that I would like to share with you all.


Clubs will be rated on a 1 to 10 scale, and attached text for each brand describing the good and bad discoveries with each.

Callaway Text  ( Big Bertha Irons ) Rated ( 10 )  

Cleveland Text  ( VAS+ Irons ) Rated ( 6 )   

Goldwin Text  ( APVD Irons ) Not Rated Yet 

King Cobra Text  ( Oversized Irons ) Rated ( 8 ) 

Mizuno Text Mizuno ( Irons ) 

Ping Zing Text  ( Ping Zing Irons ) Rated ( 10 )  

Wilson Text Wilson Staff RM ( Irons ) Rated ( 8 ) 

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There will be hundreds of golfers just like you looking for partners to play a round of golf with.
How many times have you needed a 4th ,and couldn't find one? This will be a great way to meet and play with golfers in your area. These players will be listed by:
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Private / Public course player: 
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This page is brand new.  Much of the information is still being compiled for the various planned functions. It will grow very fast, so keep an eye on it.  I'm sure if your a new player, this page will have information useful to you when it is finished.

 Drop me a line and ask a question about clubs you like.

Goldwin AVPD irons.  Text not completed.  Check back later.

King Cobra oversized irons.  Text not completed.  Check back later.

Mizuno irons.  Text not completed.  Check back later.

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