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Cesar E. Hidalgo


To obtain a full-time position as a senior web developer, taking the lead in development efforts, and collaborating with talented staff from various disciplines.


July 2001 to Present      Nethod-Euro Interactive, Inc       New York, NY

Technical Operations Manager

§     Given software requirements, identified components to build, outlined steps to develop, and estimated development hours for each step, across multiple concurrent projects.

§     Managed resources among projects.  This involved assigning developers to specific tasks, monitoring progress, and making the proper reassignments if deadlines are threatened.

§     Worked close with account managers to help clients refine their product requirements, propose functionality, and understand their expectations.

§     Participated as the technical expert in meetings when communicating with client’s IT department or with other technical vendors.

§     Proposed a Rapid Development Lifecycle to structure and speed project development.  Lifecycle involved building a prototype, scoping development requirements, and creating pre-development documents.

§     Proposed a workflow process, showing who are the players (Client, Account Managers, Project Managers, Developers) and who is responsible for what deliverables (Requirements, Functionality, Project Plan, Documentation, Website).

§     Clinical Oncology Programs Intranet – Managed team of developers to leverage a Calendar tool, build a User Groups Management tool, and provide upload functionality.  Implemented Security and user-level privilege for the site.

§     Effexor: Ask Ed – Led the functionality and design effort of a clinical Content Update tool, a gantt chart, push email feature, and last visited section of the site.  Implemented Security and user-level privilege for the site.  Security COM components read settings from system registry.

§     Pregabalin – Helped account manager gather functional requirements with the client.  Provided vendors with technical requirements on designing the flow of data between imports and updates.

Nov 2000 to June 2001    Nethod-Euro Interactive, Inc       New York, NY

Senior Programmer

§     Designed and developed a healthcare intranet with the following major sections: Roster (a team directory), Calendar (manageable list of events), Resources (source of brochures and other marketing materials).  The front-end development was in ASP, the database interaction was handle in Visual Basic COMs, and data returned from the components were wrapped in XML.  Oracle was the backend database.

§     Maintained development on an existing job posting intranet.  Development was in ASP.

June 1998 to Oct 2000   CareScience, Inc.                    Philadelphia, PA

Software Engineer

§     Worked closely with Research Dept to modify CaduCIS Net™ to correct significance flag calculations.

§     Reverse engineered and documented CPT (Care Process Tree) application.  This CGI app computes inpatient care delivery based on user-criteria collected from CaduCIS Manager™ and client’s patient data.

§     Enhanced security for the CaduCIS™ suite of products: added 3-strikes-you’re-out functionality. (Other enhancements were provided by other team members)

§     Identified cases and suggested fixes that improved the reliability of our CaduCIS UML™ (Unified Medical Language) In-house Search Engine tool.  Currently this tool is available through CaduCIS Manager™.

§     Shared in document life cycle by writing product requirements, contributing to design, delegating tasks, heading off meetings to check status of project milestones, and creating test plans.

§     Performed unit and integration testing on various projects.

§     Optimized CaduCIS Manager™ Criteria Selection screen by replacing server-side tasks with (client-side) JavaScript, and redesigned the entire screen to depend on less graphic images.

§     Developed a prototype for a resource utilization project.  The prototype created reports that detailed how much of a resource (medicine, prescription, etc) was prescribed by physicians, and what percentage of that amount was actually consumed by patients.

§     Managed Shared Templates project.  Given requirement specs, this project involved creating user-case scenarios, illustrating data flow and designing back-end components.  The finished project would allow clients to share their templates (criteria selections) with other users in their facility or with CareScience Customer Service.

§     Designed and developed a prototype to replace CaduCIS Manager™.  The project involved working with management and clients, listening to their needs, and incorporating their likes and dislikes.  I used Java Servlets and session management for this project.

§     Took leadership of CareLife Team.  This Impact Team promotes education and awareness to fellow coworkers about the identity and roles across members in the company, issues affecting/benefiting members, technology trends and more.  The Impact Team also encourages company growth and welfare by hosting outings, parties and activities such as dance lessons.

Other Experience


§     Currently developing database-driven website using Cold Fusion.  This website encourages artists to market their talent by letting them control art content in a gallery. (1999 to Present)

§     Developed a software router in C using the IPv6 specs. (1998)

§     Developed a 3D animation app in OpenGL. (1997)

Tools/Skill Set

ASP, COM+, XML, C, Perl, HTML, JavaScript, Cold Fusion, SQL.  Familiar with UNIX and Windows environments, Oracle and SQL Server.  Fluent in Spanish.


1993–1998                    Carnegie Mellon University          Pittsburgh, PA

§     B.S. in Computer Science.

§     Second major in Creative Writing.


Writing short stories and personal essays.  Sketching portraits.  Developing websites and designing graphics.