Stuff about my friends (in no particular order)

(aka "Erica")

This is Erica.. she's like smart or something?Yea..and she works at sizzler in the section of "service".
She "serves" the customers. I think that's right... yes.. yes it is

James Charles Foxall
(aka Fast James, apparent James, Jimmy, GOJOY, James)

The one on top is Jimmy (hehehe)

Jimmy is probably my best friend when he's not bugging me about comming over when i gotter fucking study..
(why cant you make a homepage on your computer man?!! i'll never fucking understand that!!)
. He went to my High School, and lives a couple of minutes from me minus the time it takes to put my shoes on.
Hahaha he looks like a retard in this picture and that's why i put it there. Hahaha how much does he have anal sex with his dog??
haha well i'll let u ask for yourself i think..
I reckon about 60-70% of the laughter i emit is caused by this person because he's quite the "commedienne" about 25% is seinfeld coz i dont see it much enymore and the other 5-10% is me hahahaha.
Jimmy likes the Grinspoon and the Blink 182. He has 1 full time and 2 part time jobs... taking out the trash, mowing the grass and running up the internet bill. Hahaha is yer dad still mad at you man? :P
If jimmy had 1 million dollars i'm pretty sure he'd spend it on roulette at the local casino... he was a compulsive gambler for a couple of weeks until he slipped into a deadly bout of depression and IRCing.. and he ran out of money haha so he couldt go no more.. But that's all behind him now, and he's as rich as he ever was and perhaps ever will be hehe.
Umm... i've got nothing else to say about jimmy i dont think, except sometimes he's an arsehole.. and sometimes he's gay, actually bisexual but we wont get into that at this time of day.. some kiddies might be watching.
Oh yea.. and Jimmy has this about 6 billion homepages, here is his personal homepage.

Terry Berryman
(aka Tezzzzaaa!!)
This funny fella has a wack at the old drums when i'm swinging my arm around the general region of a guitar and we produce some sound which will hopefully some day come close to resembling music hehe.  Terry does Internet Computing at Griffith University's Logan Campus.. and he's going... err... yea.. he sure is doing it!! Tezza had THE new millenium party.. and it was quite a drunken stumble for all that attented. Tezz had a bit of a cry when he found he wasn't on my friend's page hehe so i added ya Tezz... happy now?
[his homepage]

Danny Tronc
(aka Bonc)
Danny is a guy that i know that reminds me of myself more than any other person i've ever met hehe and he's starting the transition into my current self.. you're on your way bro hehe. Boncstrum likes a bit of the ol' Bundy Rum.. he also like Aussie ROCK  YEEAAAAHH!!! which is one of the many reasons why i like being his mate.. we got a fair bit in common :) At the moment i'm teaching him how to play Bass.. hehe he's getting there and some day we will rock everyone's socks off!! Keep on winning Bonc.. there's some worthy advice for ya!!

Dylan Gray
(aka Dyl)
I dont really like dyl that much.. but.. i thought i'd put him here coz i felt sorry for him as he has a really small penis..
ohh.  ooops! U told me not to tell anyone aye dyl? sorry.. hehehe

Donni Broomfield
(aka Donni)
Donni is *sorta* kewl because she likes to do *stuff* with *somebody* hehe.. but nah.. donni is like the second most person i talk to on ICQ i think.. because she's real *nice* hehehe and coz she laugh's at my jokes.. even if they are really sad.. and that's why she makes me happy hehe.. and no.. not for *other* reasons!! She has a *real* name.. i think it's like donollonnorrolle or something hehe but.. no-one calls her it.. cept maybe her mum..but she named her that..
so.. i guess she likes it.

(aka Danielle Baker)
Danni-gurl is this chick who i work with sometimes at sizzler and also talk to on ICQ.. she works on prep and cuts up stuff and boils pasta hehe that's all she ever seems to be doing.. oh and sometimes potato's too!! I reckon she's probably the foxiest chick at sizzler so her boyfriend Brad (who also works at sizzler and i'm hoping doesnt read this hehehe) has scored some gold right there.. so yea.. good on ya BRAD!! hehe but.. danni's also lucky coz brad's a top bloke..
Anyways.. back on the subject of the person at hand.. yea.. danielle is kewl coz she has a really personallity and she's heaps funny and good to talk to about stuff.. sound good? hehehe she's good to talk to about anything at all like deep and meaningful stuff to the commoness of how people's name's are spelt hehe she's all smart coz she went to an all girls skewl..
She hates this picture coz she thinks its bad... but it really isnt!! is it fellas?! :P
Danni-gurl has 2 sisters one of which used to work at sizzler, Rene. hehe she's so charming and elegant hahaha.. err.. yea that's all i have to say about her..
Danni.. thats all i wanna say about you.. are you satisfied you're on my page now??? huh?? hehe i hope so..

(a.k.a Rebecca Cook)
Hahahah you look so dumb in this picture becky! :P
Many people would agree that this chick is one of the spunkiest they've seen.. and.. i guess that's true.. she's *fairly* spunky hehe
She owns a g-string... whooops!!! i wasn't supposed to tell anyone was I Tezz!?! hahahahaha
Anyways.. Becky is good friends with donni and thats kewl coz we have alot of funny shopping and stuff (okay that sounds pretty gay)
Becksta basically kicks arse.. she's not only spunky and fun to be around but you can talk to her about stuff whenever you need to
and she helps ya out alot and gives good advice.. so thanks bexta!!

Chris Foxhole
(aka "Christoff")
Chris is Jimmy's brother.. he.. umm... yep.. he sure is Jimmy's brother hehe

Vaughan McKillop
(aka Vaughan)
This strange kinda guy does my course at Uni.. he's always doing wierd stuff with his mouth and tongue at his friends.. i'm yet to know what that's all about but i'm sure one day i'll work it out. Vaughan goes to the gym all the time and he claims to have big muscles, but the investigation is still underway, I think an armwrestle would reveal the truth. Vaughan works for Pizza Hut doing deliveries and thinks its good because he makes money. He always tries to pick up at clubs but never seems to.... and I dont have much funny stuff to say about him.. so i'm gunna stop.

David Whyte
(aka Dave)
As you can see Dave has a crazy nickname.. i dont know how it was created.. its just too wierd to comprehend. Dave is from this place called "England"..I've never heard of the place myself, but he reckons its like some country or something. Dave is 19 years old, but he acts like an 18 year old.. there seems to be an element of competition between Dave and Vaughan over EVERYTHING!!
Dave also delivers pizza's so they kinda compete with eachother over that too..
Dave is always talking in this wierd language and its good to make fun of him. Some examples are (translation in red):
half eleven  - half PAST eleven
cheese buddy - cheese SANDWHICH
do you not think? - dont you think so?
Dave eats dinner at lunch and tea at dinner.. i'm not sure what he has for breakfast..
but he's good at Java and helps me when he's feeling kind.

Vladimir Steljic
(aka Vlad)
This dude is from some country near Croatia.. he drives an awesome Blue Kingswood station wagon and likes to play the soccer game. Vlad never seems to come to Mcdonalds with us and is content staying at uni playing table tennis.. i think he's world champion or something like that. Vlad always slings on Dave's accent more than anyone. Umm.. yeah
Vlad is said to have quoted the infamous: "You're crap!" and "You're awsome!" and "Thats great!".

Liam Kelly
(aka Liam, aka Iceman)
Liam is like some guy that lifts stuff at this place called the gym. If i knew what went on down at that place then i'd know all there is to know about this big brown land. If Liam drinks Coke or eats Ice-cream he suffers from a bad case of Imahealthfreakdavydis. He goes to the gym about 6 times a day and eats alot of carrots and his mums good ol' home cookin. Liam plays drums with his massive biceps and enjoys "jamming" along with his "guitarists". He plays gigs around town on a Saturday night and makes a couple of bucks in the process. He also works at Sizzler with me, and what a wholesome experience that must be. Liam is quite the prankster.. sometimes he'd throw something in your general direction (usually missing) and then look away really quick so you dont think its him.
Liam - You're a dead-set GENIOUS!!


Here are some friends i'd like to say HI to, but just plain couldnt be fucked writing more about em! :)

Brad -- Yes.. you Culbert! You are one of the funniest people i've ever met hahahahahaha
bEn - You still doing the "gettin' higgy wit' it" dance? :P [his homepage]
Renee -- What's this?! another Culbert?! hehe [her homepage]
Sarah -- The 'Bradley' kind.. how are ya? good? good!
Tara --  Hahaha you're quite amusing in your own broomfield kinda way
Sally --  WOW! i've met you and i can't beleive how *something* you are!

I have left heaps of you out, i know.. but i didnt want to offend you by putting you here..
or by not putting you here.. have a winge to me and i'll slide you in!

IRC Type Buddies
Jimmy_Boy (Jimmy) - You seem to be everywhere
Chrustmas (Chris) - #madlib will forever rock!
Carpe_Diem (Brad) - Sieze the day dude.. Great channel btw.. (#Brad)
Blakkat - Umm.. err... hi!
FallenAngel - I can't beleive u turned down my offer! u sure u dont wanna talk about it?

Anyone else.. have a whinge yea yea i'll add ya..

Updated: 15/5/00