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contact: artex_mtn@hotmail.com

Some dates:

founded in:

Robert Kienberger and Stefan Traunmueller (side-project "Golden Dawn")

ambient, psychadelic, meditativ and powerfull synthesizer-music

records: demo "world's end" 1996, 3 advertisments 1998 - since1998 no published activities

Pre-order the new CD for US$ 15,00 or Euro 15,00 !!!

Order the demo "world's end" for US$ 5,00 or Euro 5,00 !!!

Distributors searched!!! We will record a new CD in June 2000. If you are interested in distributoring some of them (10 up) please contact us via above E-Mail-Link. The new material will be the best ever heard.

visitors since march 2000