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"Laura Love is one of the most significant and exciting artists to emerge from the Northwest music scene in recent memory. In the past several years she has been an overwhelming hit at music festivals, concerts and clubs across North America, successfully wedding African/Caribbean rhythms, traditional acoustic instruments and intriguing harmonies into a style that she calls 'Afro/Celtic.' Laura's performance is exciting, uplifting and joyful and her effect on an audience is extreme. She tours as a quartet with electric bass, acoustic guitars, percussion, tongue drum and accordion." -- Sessions at West 54th

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  • Laura's official site is now up and running at [9/29/00]

  • New tour dates have been added along with phone numbers for previously released dates. [9/2/00]

  • I have added scans from the new album to the picture page. [6/29/00]

  • The new album - "Fourteen Days" - has been released. A track listing and cover image are available on the discography. Hopefully by tomorrow, more scans will be up. [6/28/00]

  • Laura Love has signed with a new label, ZoŽ Records (a part of the Rounder Records group). Billboard reports that she is currently working on a new album. [4/2/00].

  • The Laura Love Band is part of the Dusty Springfield tribute album titled "Forever Dusty" which is now available. The band performs "Son of a Preacher Man." Other artists include the Indigo Girls, Jill Sobule, and Sara Lee. The album is being released through Ladyslipper. Specific information can be found at the catalog. A portion of the proceeds benefits breast cancer organizations. [3/9/00]

  • In the wake of Seagrams buying out the Polygram Label Group, Laura Love has been dropped from her contract with Mercury Records. There have been no reports from the Laura Love Band yet, but an article in The Boston Globe seemed to present Laura in a positive mood. [3/28/99]

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