Smashing Pumpkins Images they are..FINALLY. Some of them are kinda funny looking though. My friend had some scanning troubles, but it's better than nothing :-)

All of these pics are from some book I have (name, etc. coming too lazy to go get it right now :-) ).


Billy waving
Billy with a LOT of hair in his face
Gish-era Billy holding his guitar
Gish-era Billy waving
Billy with a LOT of hair in his face...again
Gish-era Billy singing
Billy walking in the snow
Siamese Dream-era Billy playing on stage
Siamese Dream-era Billy playing his guitar


Darcy standing
Darcy playing her bass
Darcy wearing sunglasses
A BIG picture of Darcy's head
Darcy wearing sunglasses...again
Darcy guessed it! Sunglasses!!
Darcy playing her bass I even need to say it?

James singing
James wearing a rain hat
James playing the guitar
James with a rose in his mouth
James playing his guitar

A fuzzy picture of Jimmy
Jimmy wearing sunglasses
The Band

The whole band sitting on metal steps
Billy, James, and Jimmy