i woke up today, after updating my page last night with a political tirade, and realized that i'm pretty much tired of keeping up this webpage.

it might not be permanent, but i barely update it anymore anyway. i might put it back up when i get the time to redesign it (read: never).

sorry it's hard to read this, but chairman kaga with pumpkin was necessary with halloween soon upon us.

my anthem for now is "apocalypse please" by muse, which seemed appropriate.

if you want me to fix this page, feel free to drop me a line. in the meantime, here are the last batch of songs i was listening to:

Muse: "Apocalypse Please"
The Nerds: "Killing In The Name/Epic/Pour Some Sugar On Me"
The Flaming Lips: "Suddenly Everything Has Changed"
Coheed and Cambria: "Welcome Home"

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