The artist Ragnhild Davies has a website. I have been searching for her website, ever since I saw one of her amaing colourful pictures in an entry hall in Israel. And after searching for ages I now found her website at So for all those who want to find out more about Ragnhild Davies and her art. Check out her website. You can view quite a lot of her stuff. If anyone knows when and where she will be showing her pictures, please let me know.

for all of those who - like me - have been searching for a website or any information about the artist Ragnhild Davies. Here is her website: . And for all of those who haven't had the chance to see Ragnhild Davies' amazing technique of combining colourful canvas with magazine and paper strips, go and check her pics. They are amazing. I saw one of her pictures in an entry hall in Israel, and ever since then I was searching for her website, or a gallery where I could see more. So have fun, you won't regret seeing these new and unique pictures.