The only thing as important to me as sports is music. My goal in life is to have a career somehow involved in music. Right now my plan is to someday be a disc jockey.....my ultimate dream would be to have my own morning show. (Hey it could happen!...ok maybe not, but I can dream!)

If by some chance I do make it through college and hit the airwaves....you can blame the guys at the greatest radio station in Oklahoma....

This is the station that has been my inspiration! If you think I'm that bad you can send you're personal complaints to Bladerunner or Rick & Brad....it's their fault I've got such a sick sense of humor! haha
(Go ahead! Listen to them for a while...tell me it doesn't warp your mind! haha)

OK....now for the hard part! What kind of music do I listen to?? Well.....you name it I listen to it! I just love music...period! My favorites are metal, classic rock, and alternative.....but I like a little bit of everything. I could spend all day listing the bands I like...BUT I'll spare you....(if you're really THAT bored you can look at my CD list) *L*....but anyway, here are some of my favorites!

Without a doubt my all time favorite band.....unfortunately I was born a little late to see them live...(or alive...whichever haha) I can't live without my Zep! This is one of those bands that I just don't see how anyone could NOT like them! There will never be another band that even remotely compares to these guys.

Wow...another dead guy...what's up with that? haha In my opinion, the greatest guitar player that has ever lived! You can never get enough Jimi!

Wait a minute...isn't Jim Morrison...?!?! Am I the only one starting to see a really eerie pattern here? haha These guys were unbelievable...totally beyond words...(so why try, right? haha)

Hey finally a band that's still among the living....for now anyway...(lay off the crap, guys!) haha These guys are by far my favorite band among those still playing. I actually had AIC tickets once....but noooo Layne had to go and screw himself up before I could see them and they got replaced by @#!% CANDLEBOX!! Arrgghh!!
(sorry...I think it still bugs me...maybe...just a little. haha) I WILL see them live...or die trying!

This spot was reserved for Metallica....until they sold out. What a shame...they used to rock.

There are countless other bands that I really really like....I go through phases of listening to different things...right now these are some of the bands I'm kind of stuck on...

And last...but certainly the coolest....this page wouldn't be complete without these guys.....

These guys are a local band from Stillwater, OK that have hit it big.....they are definately one of my favorite bands! I've seen them play 4 times now and had the chance to meet them once....they are the coolest! Check them out if you ever have the chance...you'll be hooked!

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