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Sports, sports, and more sports!! Sports are my life! I love just about every sport you could possibly think of....with the exception of basketball...I can't handle much of that..(guess it's not violent enough for me! haha) Football and hockey are what I live for! I'm happiest when I'm watching Monday Night Football (Frank, Al, & Dan are the greatest!) or NHL on Fox...any other time, might find it best to avoid me. Anyway, instead of trying to make pages for my favorite teams, I'm taking the easy way out and giving you some links to some pages that are already out there! So surf til your little heart is content!!

Hey I know they're not the greatest...but I love my boyz anyway!

Oakland Raiders Ultimate Link Page
Raider Nation
The Pirate Ship
The Oakland Raider World Fan Club
The Official Raiders Fans Home Page

Like them or not....there's no denying they're the best!

The Official Colorado Avalanche Site
NHL - Colorado Avalanche
The Denver Post Online - Colorado Avalanche
The Sporting News Colorado Avalanche Team Report
Jim's Colorado Avalanche Page

Ok so they're not exactly the best either...but you can't help but love 'em!

Oakland Athletics Official Site
The Sporting News Oakland Athletics Team Report
The Baseball Server: Oakland Athletics
CBS Sportsline Oakland Athletics Team Report
A's: The Strike Zone

With the good stuff out of the way, here's a little tribute to "America's Team"...ha ha what a joke!

Need I say more??

How 'bout them Cryboys
Deion Sanders: Pooh-head
Cowboy-Hater's Corner
Michael Irvin Song
The Dallas Cowgirls Suck!
The Dallas Cowboy Haters Home Page

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