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Last updated on September 5th, 2003

NEW!! I have added a jukebox for some background music.

Hey there! I have altered a few minor things. I haven't been updating this place to often but I try to keep this updated as often as I can. If you need any help with your page, don't hesitate to contact me. Please sign my guestbook and fill out the comment field as everybodies opinion is important. If any errors are found, please email me and let me know.

If you wish to visit my personal page you're more then welcome to. I'm also working to build one of the best Metallica pages on the net. So far I am slowly collecting material for it.

I am constantly changing this page, and would appreciate any comments you may have. I have a link to my contact information if you wish to comment on my page. You can also contact me if you need help with anything, I'll happy to assist you in whatever way I can.
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Guitar Tabs
If you're a guitar player that always wants something new to play, you can take a look at this collaboration of tabs I've posted. Currently, I am still adding tabs but I will have tabs from more than 100 artists, past and present. Keep checking back as I am always adding to the archive.

I've decided since I've been constantly adding to my tab page, I'm going to make a "What's New" page to show which tabs were added and when. It only reflects changes I've made since the 29th of the 3rd month, but it will grow largely due to all the changes that I make.
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Guitar Tabs
Here's the problem. Sometimes you may want a tab, and just can't find it. You may not find a specific song or artist in my tabs section. Here's the solution. Follow this link to the tab request form and let me find it for you and post it on my page.

Because I received so many awards and ratings, I've made this page... okay okay.. so I didn't receive many awards or ratings, but these are the ratings and awards I have acquired over the past. I think I deserve more, but who am I to judge?
Awards and Ratings

This little corner of my homepage houses links to other guitar and music pages I've added. If you have a band or a good guitar page you want to see linked here, let me know, I'll add it!

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