(Punkus Stinky T. Buttus)

May 31, 2004

Better Late Than Never.

5-11 5-11

Left: "Hello down there. Maybe I should actually put my blocks back in this thing?" Right: "Who is the white bearded man who's a hit with all the stinky butts? Gramps. Right On."

5-11 5-11

Left: "Sippy cup or straws? Just another of life's little decisions." Right: "Time for me to take charge and get the decorating started."

5-11 5-11

Left: "Hey Grandpa, I won a this thing playing the slot machine." Right: "What do you mean I have a problem? I can stop at any time."

5-11 5-11

Left: "They say this man Grandpa is a bad mother.....Well I'm just talking about Grandpa." Right: "Oh Grandpa, I really think the first dance should have been with either Mommy or Grandma, but I'm very honored to be your dance partner."

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