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How to Trade Using this Page
The title of this page is probably a misnomer. I don't bootleg anything -- that would be illegal -- I trade live recordings to fellow fans, and I never sell tapes. Furthermore, I do not condone the activities of the bootleg CD labels who profit from artists' talent.

If you are new at concert trading, I will trade 2-for-1 with you. This means that you send me blank tapes instead of another show.

To trade with me, simply select the tapes you wish to recieve from the list below, then enter your name and address at the bottom of the page and click the Trade! button.

My trading rules:
  • Use only type II audio tapes. I prefer Maxell XL-II or XL-IIS tapes.
  • Don't use any sort of noise reduction.
  • Don't use high-speed dubbing.
  • When trading 2:1, send twice the number of tapes you will be receiveing in return, as well as return postage.
  • Use a padded envelope or package lined with tissue or newspaper.
  • Include a setlist or completed J-card with every cassette you mail to me. I will do the same for you.
  • I usually include cases, unless your policy forbids it.

Rating System
Most people have some sort of arbitrary tape-quality rating system. I will be using the following grading system to describe the quality of the tapes I am offering.
Rating Description
A+ Studio recording or near-studio quality soundboard bootleg from a first-generation CD, radio, or DAT source with very little or no crowd noise or talking in the background.
A Near-studio quality recording from either the soundboard or a really good audience recording containing clear, consistant sound and very little background noise.
B A well-made sudience recording of a show with clear music and slight crowd noise.
C A good attempt at an audience recording that falls somewhat short of expectations. There is often loud talking from the surrounding audience, and clarity of music fluctuates.
D A badly made audience recording with lots of crowd noise, distant music and many interuptions, incomplete songs, etc.
F Garbage. You won't find it here.

The List
To select a tape, simply click the checkbox.
Title Venue Place Date Source Original Source Quality Length
- Hammersmith Palais London,
12/13/93 - - - -
Hultsfred Festival - -,
8/13/94 - - - -
The Whisky A-Go-Go - Los Angeles, CA 9/29/94 - - - -
- Uptown Bar Mineapolis, MN 10/14/94 - - - -
- Cabaret Metro Chicago, IL 10/15/94 - - - -
- Manchester Academy Manchester,
12/18/94 - - - -
- Commodore Ballroom Vancouver,BC,
1/29/95 - - - -
- Cliff's Pavillion Southend 4/17/95 - - - -
Roskilde Festival - -,
6/30/95 - - - -
- The Orpheum Boston, MA 10/15/94 - - - -
- The Rave Milwaukee, WI 3/1/96 - - - -
- Tower Theatre Philadelphia, PA 3/9/96 - - - -
- Point Depot Dublin,
3/22/96 - - - -
- Music Hall Austin, TX 4/21/96 - - - -
- Maine Road Manchester,
4/28/96 - - - -
- Rosemont Horizon Chicago, IL 8/27/96 - - - -
- The Centrum Worcester 9/6/96 - - - -

Trader Information
Please enter your address below. I will e-mail you within 24 hours with the address to send your tapes to:
First Name: Last Name:
Street Address:
Other Address:
City: State: Zip: Country:
E-Mail Address:
What will you be sending to me in return for the shows you have selected? Blank Tapes (2:1)
A Show. Band: Venue: Date: Number of Tapes:

Not Trading?
If you have just completed a trade, or if you are interested in bootleg trading, but see nothing you like here, please sign my guestbook (You can view the guestbook here) or fill out the following questionnaire.This will allow me to inform you when new tapes are added to the page. I am in the process of making a links page, so please tell me about your bootlist page.

Do you have a bootleg list or homepage on the internet?
Yes, URL:

Do you wish to be on my mailing list?
Yes, E-mail:
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This page represents the trader Tony Szymanski, ( All questions regarding Oasis and Oasis trades should be sent directly to Tony. For questions, comments or complaints about the Bootleg Trading Machine, contact webmaster Martin Stabe, (

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