Just like the ocean I want to be free..
About Santa-Fe
    I beggin doing this Home Page on May 1998. I love Techno and House music, so I decided to create this site.
    Why Santa-Fe? I called this site "Santa-Fe", cause this was the name of a disco in Koh Samui, Thailand, wich me and my friends went all nights in our holidays. It was our trip celebrating our final year in High School. It was one of the best discos I've ever been. Me and my best friends went there almost (if not all!) all nights, while we were in Samui.
    This page is not dedicated to any music band or Dj, it's dedicated to Music and to me.
    Please come back often, cause this site will be always under construction. If you have any comments, anything you would like to be avaiable here or anything you would like to send me, please e-mail me.
    Thanks for your trip..
    Ricardo F. Pires
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..free as a bird flying up on the sea...