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I've collected a lot of live shows and rare CDs that I you might be interested in. So take a look around and let me know if you are looking for anything. If you don't see what you are looking for, just ask..... I may have it. I am always trading shows, so you never know.
The last band I played drums for was sleeping god. If you want to read more about us or hear some of our music (MP3s) just go to http://www.sleepinggod.com. I am currently looking for a new band in the Atlanta area. If you are looking for a solid professional drummer, please contact me. ckorch@hotmail.com.
The tape trader network isa a great page to find shows. Interested....just click on their logo..
Click on the "Trade Now" icon for another great tape trading site.
Drumming - I have been playing drums for 18 years now. Click here if you want to learn more about my equipment and bands I have played in.

Sports - Click here to find out what my favorite sports and teams are.
Soulfist - I used to play with two members of this band, and they are great guys and musicians. Check out their page.

- Want to know where your favorite band is playing? Check out Pollstar.

- Want to know who "that guy" from "that film" is? We'll the IMDB is the place to go.
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