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You are the th negative creep to come to this site

This is a brand spankin new page and many things aren't ready yet. If it isn't ready, it will be soon so comeback and it will probably be working!

There sure are a lot of Nirvana pages out there! Yes sir. lots of um. Most of them just flat out suck. Until I get enough free time on my hands to do some quality work on this page, you can add this site to that list. Take a good long look and remember how stupid it is now so that when you come back later (which I KNOW you will) you can say boy this is much better than that crap that used to be here!

99% of all the pages I've seen have the pictures and the sounds and the links. Whatever I put up is most likely nothing new. However I must put it up anyway to comply with the Nirvana page regulations.

I will in the near future attempt to start something that I have not seen yet (YES! AN ORIGINAL IDEA!). I want to start a tape trading deal for begginers who don't have very much to offer to the tape gods. If you are a jerk who only trades to people who have the exact show that you want, mabey it wouldn't be such a bright idea to visit.

Things to come 

Tape trading

The Nirvana FAQ

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