'Don't Go Away'   

Despite the past anouncements of it's release, Don't Go Away Will be released as a single, but only in Japan.
    It's thought that the CD will be 'Enhanced' this means that you can place it in your CD ROM Drive and view things such as pictures and even videos.
    The date for release is said to be in May.     

Opposite is the cover to the new single. It features a scene from the old Liverpool Airport, the plane flying over the airport is a Boeing 747.

The plane though was imported onto the airport scene. The original picture of the plane was taken while it was flying over Heathrow Airport. Click the opposite picture for a larger version.

A picture from the video is opposite. Here you can see the giant Noel who dwarfs Alan White there on the drums.

If you would like to see a clip of the video click here to get it from the Sony website. If you would like to see more pictures of the video click here.

Here is the rumoured track listing

   1.Don't Go Away
   2.Cigarettes & Alcohol (Live)
   3.Sad Song
   4.Fade Away (Wildchild Version)

Stay tuned to this page for any more news and info on the new Euro single.

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