Exeter Gig Review 14/09/97

    We got into the concert at around 6:30. We were near the front of the queue so it wasn't too long a wait, although, we did queue up for and hour and a half outside. As we went in we had to empty our pockets while we were searched, we then entered the main arena.  

    The hall was massive, there was the stage right up the end with huge sets of speakers to the top right and left of the stage. On the stage there were two huge curtains. In the centre of the curtain there was a picture of the famous clock and in each corner a picture of the red dice. We were in for another hour wait though while the 8,000 capacity crowd filled the stadium. There was a huge set of video cameras and stuff in the middle of the arena.  

    At around 7:30 Travis entered the stage. They kicked off with tracks from their album that weren't really known, they were quite good though and the crowd showed their appreciation. After the first song they introduced themselves, Hi, were Travis and were glad for it The lead singer dedicated the penultimate track, 'All I Wanna Do Is Rock'  to the man, Noel Gallagher. They finished by playing their next single. Then after thanking the crowd Travis left the stage.  

    The roadies then came on and cleared the stage ready for Oasis. The band nearly didn't play because of one of the fans had a laser pointer pen and kept shinning it on stage. Finally Oasis were about to come on. The two curtains dropped to the floor and a huge roar from the crowd went up. Behind, the backdrop depicted the album cover, the limo with the drums on top, the huge red telephone box and the clock under which there was a bar.  

    There was a chauffeur cleaning the car front, he then moved to the telephone box and opened the door, Oasis appeared. The crowd let out an enormous cheer as they walked onstage and then there was a mad rush to the front of the arena.  

    The band jumped in straight away with 'Be Here Now' The entire crowd went mad, jumping about. The big clock hands were spinning and everyone was mad for it The next track, 'Stay Young',  Liam said was for all the 'old people', it was a great performance.  

    After that they played 'Stand By Me', 'Supersonic' and then Liam dedicated 'Some Might Say' to everyone from Manchester.  
Next up was 'Roll With It', Liam said this was for everyone from Exeter. Liam went off the stage after that and left Noel to sing 'Magic Pie' and 'Don't Look Back In Anger'.  

    After this Liam entered the stage again. Oasis then played 'D'You Know What I Mean?' 'Wonderwall' and 'Live Forever', this one which they dedicated to 'the princess'.  

The next track was 'one for the wife, champagne supernova' so Liam said. Throughout this there was a great show as the back lit up with stars and a small video appeared in the back showing space, stars and explosions. 

    The next track was It's getting better man, Noel announced this one as 'it's gettin' fatter man' They then played Fade In-Out, this was great, the guitar playing was not all it is on the album though. There was also a small video for this in the back, showing a fair ground roller coaster. 

    Oasis then played All Around The World, 4 brass players emerged from the telephone box, they couldn't be heard though. After that track Oasis said thanks and left the stage, the end? No one moved, most must have been expecting another track. Suddenly a huge chant started up  
'O-A-SIS'  'O-A-SIS'. The band then re-emerged onto the stage, Liam and Guigsy both with a fag in their mouths, they dropped these to the floor, ready for another song. The band picked up their instruments and there was a final word from Noel, 'If you're gonna play it loud, play it very loud' Oasis then got the whole place jumping again with their super b-side, Acquiesce. 

     After this the band left the stage, for good this time. The crowd stayed for a bit, just in case. After about five minutes they dispersed, most made their ways to the merchandise stalls, there were a number of items on sale, including badges, T-shirts, posters and stickers, there were also programs of the tour. 

    The crowd were great, a lot better than I had expected. In just about every song the crowd were singing out loud, especially to Wonderwall. Liam could hardly be heard sometimes. 

    Liam was superb throughout the gig, he got the crowd really up for it. Liam was kicking his bottles tops around, he also made a habit of hitting his mic to the floor, sometimes hed also chuck his tambourine to the ground as well, all this got the crowd mad for it. 

     Noel was greatthroughout also, he made some jokes and after All Around The World he chucked his plectrum into the crowd for some lucky fan to keep. 

    Overall, its the best gig I've ever been to, although its the only one I've been to, it couldn't have been any better. Oasis are truly the best band in the world. 

         By Lee Willoughby


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