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21/04/02: Oasis Are No. 1 Again!
     Oasis' new single, released this week, has gone straight in at No.1 in the UK singles charts. The song is the first track to be taken from their new album,'Heathen Chemistry'. The single 'The Hindu Times' is the band's first release for 18 months, and easily outsold previous No.1 Gareth Gates.

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17/04/02: New Single Released!
     Oasis' new single was released this week. The first track to be taken from their new album,'Heathen Chemistry'. The single is called 'The Hindu Times' and is the band's first release for 18 months. The track listing for the new single is as follows:

  1. The Hindu Times
  2. Just Getting Older
  3. Idler's Dream
    'Idler's Dream' is a brand new track, while 'Just Getting Older' is the official release of a demo that was leaked on the net 2 years ago.
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11/03/2K: New Single News!
     The next single to be released from Oasis' latest album, 'Standing On The Shoulder Of Giants', will be 'Who Feels Love?'. The release date for this second single is the 17th April 2000. The track listing for the new single is as follows:

  1. Who Feels Love?
  2. One Way Road
  3. Helter Skelter
    'One Way Road' is a new track, while 'Helter Skelter' is a cover of a Beatles classic, released by them on the famous 'White Album'
    The video for the single was shot in Death Valley, California and was directed by Nick Egan.
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10/08/99: Bonehead Quits Oasis!
     Paul 'Bonehead' Arthurs, 34, Oasis' Rhythm guitarist for 8 years has decided to leave the band. Bonehead made the follwoing statement:

    "After a lot of consideration I have decided to call it a day with Oasis. I've had a fantastic 8 years in one of the best bands ever to come out of Britain, and now feel I have come to the stage where I'd like to concentrate on other things in my life, outside of the demands of being in a successful rock and roll band.
    I've made some great friends along the way and wish everyone in the band every success with the next album, and intend to enjoy watching the band go on to further success in the coming years. I would like to thank the band and everyone around it, especially the fans for making it so special."

    Many names have been suggested for replacements to Boneheads position in the band. Liam is one of these rumoured replacements, if he has been playing the guitar as much as he is said to have been then he should be able to handle Boneheads job. Other suggested replacements are Johnny Depp, after his small part on 'Fade in-Out' on the previous album, and also Paul McCartney!
    Contrary to these rumours, it has been reported that there will be no permanent replacement for Bonehead. A session musician will be used during live gigs to cover Boneheads guitar parts.

    The band are finishing their 4th album in English countryside. All that needs doing are some overdubs and then mixing and they say they are confident the album will be released in the first quarter of next year. Bonehead completed all of his work for the yet to be titled album before he announced his resignation.

    Bonehead now wants to spend more time with his wife Kate, and children Jude, 2 and Lucy, 4. He is currently spending £500,000 of his £5million Oasis fortune on having a recording studio built in his mansion at Bowden, Cheshire.

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30/08/98: The Masterplan
     The cover to Oasis' new album, The Masterplan, is now available to view on the internet. It features a scene from a school classroom, with apparently a Noel look alike at the front of the class teaching.
    There will be no flyposting, broadcast advertising or single to support The Masterplan. Instead, the marketing campaign, which launches on October 9, focuses on ads with the tag line The Masterplan... The Other Side Of Oasis, which will appear in 16 print titles including the music press and a handful of national newspapers.
Creation general manager Emma Greengrass says
    “Although this is a major release for Creation, it’s a low-key one for Oasis because all of the tracks have been available here before,”
    Retail displays will be backed by an in-store CD which features four tracks and snippets of an interview with Noel Gallagher.

    UK fans of the band can expect to pay a special low price for the album, no more than £10.99! The album is set for release on November 2nd in the UK and the 3rd in the US.

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19/08/98: Acquiesce: New Oasis Single
     Acquiesce, the well known B-side to 'Some Might Say' is to be Oasis' first single since 'All Around The World'. The single is to be the first from the new B-side album (see below). The song is a definite favourite amongst the fans, it was played as the encore at many of Oasis' gigs as part of the 'Be Here Now' tour.
    Acquiesce, which features samples of 'Morning Glory', was written by Noel on the way to the studio to record 'Some Might Say'. The train he was on broke down and during the 20 minute delay, Noel wrote Acquiesce.
    Acquiesce is also to be released as a radio single in the USA in order to promote the b-side album. A video for the single is also being made, it will be made up of footage from their live performances on Saturday Night Live and The David Ltterman Show.

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19/08/98: Official B-Side Album Track Listing
     According to a the Official Oasis Site, the official tracklisting for the new B-side album is as follows:

     Underneath the Sky
     Talk Tonight
     Going Nowhere
     Fade Away
     The Swamp Song
     I Am The Walrus
     Listen Up
     Rockin' Chair
     Half the World Away
     It's Good To Be Free
     Stay Young
     The Masterplan

    The new album entitled "The Masterplan" and is set for release on November 3rd. Look out for the album cover, appearing soon on Oasis Internet.

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14/07/98: Noel's Alleged Dance Track
     It has ben sugested that Noel is behind a recently released UK dance track that is said to be very good. The song is called 'Cuban Boy' and rumour has it that it is the product of a collaboration between Noel Gallagher and Paul Weller.
    Noel also recently appeared at one of Paul's gigs to do a set.
    Those that have heard the song have said that it's a classic track, what else would we expect from Noel? It is not definite wether or not he is behind this track though. It's been suggested that Noel and Paul recorded didn't want people to know they had made this track as they feared that it may affect the sale of the track
    Meanwhile on the Oasis front, the title of the new B-Side album has be decided, it will be called 'The Masterplan'. The cover is in production at the moment.

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13/07/98: Oasis CD's - Cheap!
     The entire Oasis back catalogue is to be sold over the Internet later this year leading to fears that Creation Records could undercut retailers on price when it begins selling its catalogue via the internet later this year.
    The label is planning to launch a web site in the autumn offering a mail order facility, allowing customers to order CDs using a credit card. The site may also transmit live performances and artist interviews.
    Andy Saunders, Creation’s head of communications, says ideally the site will offer the whole of the company’s catalogue, which includes albums by Super Furry Animals and Bernard Butler as well as Oasis.

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01/07/98: B-Side Album Worldwide
     Oasis have decided that their forthcoming b-sides album will be released worldwide. The album was originally intended for release solely in those territories where the b-sides and singles were only available on expensive import CD's (eg USA). However, the Official Oasis Home Page can exclusively reveal that due to the level of interest in the album, it will be made available to fans across the globe. We can also confirm the album will be released in the week of November 2nd.

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19/06/98: New B-Side Album News
     Although rumours of a November 3rd release date are somewhat premature, the Official Oasis Home Page have exclusively revealed that the Oasis B-Sides album will be released in late Autumn this year. Additionally, we can reveal for the first time that the following songs will be included on the album:

     Stay Young - B-side to "D'You Know What I Mean?"
     Acquiesce - B-Side to "Some Might Say"
     Talk Tonight - B-Side to "Some Might Say"
     Half the World Away - B-Side to "Whatever"
     Fade Away - B-Side to "Cigarettes & Alcohol"

These five tracks were some of the songs most frequently suggested by fans in the recent Official Oasis Home Page competition to name the tracklisting for the b-sides album.

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09/06/98: Underworld - Bust!
     Underworld, the merchandise company that's responsible for supplying Oasis goods has gone into liquidation owing huge amounts of money. Underworld used to supply Oasis with goods such as T-Shirts and other band merchandise.
  Oasis will now have to find another compnay to produce these goods. This has cost Oasis a reported £250,000.
  Other bands have also suffered from this, including Boyzone who have lost £100,000.

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03/06/98: Charges Agaist Liam Dropped
     Liam Gallagher who was due to appear in court in Australia next week has had the charges against him dropped. The charges were dropped after a court heard that Benjamin Jones would instead persue in sueing Liam. It is expected that this will take place in London, within easy reach of Liam.

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17/05/98: Oasis as ....Clay?
     MTV's "Celebrity Deathmatch" premiered on Thursday, May 14 at 7:30 pm. Basically the show is a bunch of clay figures beating eachother senseless, and for added enjoyment, they're celebrities! It has been announced that on Thursday May 21st at 10:00, the Gallagher brothers will fight eachother! Yes thats right Oasis fans prepare to see your favorite rock 'n' roll stars both in the ring together (as clay of course). I have managed to get an exclusive pic of the Gallagher brothers as clay.
Dont miss it!!!

1. Liam Gallagher vs. Noel Gallager
2.Oprha Winfrey vs. Rosie O' Donnell
3. Sylvester Stallone vs. Arnold Schwarzenneger

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05/05/98: Order AATW Live CD
     A new, limited-edition "All Around The World" Oasis CD Single is now available. The single contains three never-before-released live tunes by Oasis.
      The CD was released as the culmination of the react magazine/Epic Records Disc Cover Art Contest. More than 700 contest entrants submitted original cover designs for the new CD, and the Gallaghers themselves chose the winner. You can see the winning cover design (and the runners-up) at the Web site:
      To order the CD, which costs $5 (plus postage and handling), call toll-free (800) 766-2600. The limited-edition CD is exclusively available by calling this number, not through record retail. A portion of the proceeds goes to VH1 Save The Music, an amazing program that raises money and awareness to restore music education in public schools.

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02/05/98: Noel's Tape Sold
     Not long after the tape failed to sell at the auction an anonymous bidder rang Christies to buy the tape. The buyer had offered the mimimum bid of £4,000, the bid was accepted.
    A Christies spokeswoman said
     "We do have after-auction sales but normally not so quickly. We are usually approached the following day."

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01/05/98: Noel: Unreleased Song Details + Clip
     Most Oasis fans by now would have heard of the rare cassette recording of eight unreleased songs, both performed and composed by the young Noel Gallagher.
      The tape containing the rare songs was discovered by a friend of Noel's who knew him when he was just 18. She met Noel in the summer of 1985 when he and some friends used to eat their lunch in her flat whilst they worked on a nearby building site. Noel who was very reluctant to play these 8 songs to anyone was finally persuaded to put these songs on tape for her to hear. Along with the tape he also gave her two sets of lyrics.
      The tape has recently been held for auction at Christies but no bids were high enough to meet the mimimum bid so the tape was not sold. The tape was expected to reach anything between £4000 - £6000 but the highest bid was only £2400. It's suspected that the lack of high bids was due to the fact that all broadcasting rights and copyrights were not included in the sale of the tape so the buyer would not be able to copy or broadcast the songs.
      The eight songs included on the tape are as follows:

1. Womb To Tomb
2. Baj
3. I Am the Man
4. England
5. I Didn't Think So!
6. What's It Got To Do With You?
7. No Cause For Alarm!
8. Have Fun!!

      Recently a clip of one of the songs, 'No Cause For Alarm!' was broadcast on national television. Cast No Shadow are able to make this clip available to everyone to hear. The clip is in MP3 format so you'll need an MP3 Player. I recommend the following: WinAmp 1.9. Click Here for the clip.

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01/05/98: Rod Stewart Covers Oasis Song
     Veteran British rock legend Rod Stewart has decided to go for the "cool old man covers younger classic track" manouver and has recorded a version of Oasis' 'Cigarettes & Alcohol' for his latest LP entitled "When We Were The New boys".
    It also includes cover versions of Primal Scream's 'Rocks' and Skunk Anansies 'Weak as I am'. Creation Records, home of both Oasis and the Primals have yet to comment on the decision to include covers of both bands tracks and it is understood that neither band has heard the songs as yet

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24/04/98: Noel's X-Files Track - Teotihuacan
     The name of the song that Noel has written for the "X-Files: The Movie" soundtrack has been revealed. The title is 'Teotihuacan'. The title is also the name given to ancient city in Mexicowhich is home to some pyramids known as 'The Valley Of Death'. These pyramids feature in the film somewhere, hence the title. This song is Noel's first ever solo, studio recording. Contrary to what was previuosly thought, the somg is actually an instrumental.
    The soundtrack is to be released on June 2nd in the US, look out for it on Cast No Shadow, a link to buy it will be put up as soon as it's available.
    The track listing is as follows:

1. Dust Brothers - X-Files Theme (remix)
2. Filter - One (Three Dog Night cover)
3. Tonic - Flowerman
4. Foo Fighters - Walking After You
5. Aswad featuring Sting - Invisible Sun (Police cover)
6. Ween - Beacon Light
7. Cardigans - Deuce
8. Better Than Ezra - Murder In This Town
9. The Cure - More Than This (Roxy Music cover)
10. Bjork - Hunter
11. Soul Coughing - 16 Horses
12. X - Crystal Ship (Doors cover)
13. Sarah McLachlan - Black (remix)
14. Noel Gallagher - Teotihuacan
15. Mike Oldfield - X-Files Theme

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31/03/98: Noel To Write X-Files Theme
     According to British tabloid newspapers Noel Gallagher is to write some tracks for this summers £40 Million blockbuster movie version of the hit cult TV series "The X Files".
    Noel is reported to be heading straight into the recording studio to compose the score to what will surely be the biggest movie of the year. With the show huge in the US, Noels involvement may see sales of Oasis CD's rise dramatically.
    Contrary to other reports, Noel has not yet put pen to paper on the deal and is still contemplating writing the score for the movie. Noel is also contributing a track to a forthcoming British film.

    In a strange coincidence Liam and Noel's brother Paul Gallagher is also getting involved with the movie world. He is to star as a thief in a low budget British film called "The Van Boys". In the flick the 32 year old will play a crook who steals paving stones.
Paul said
    "Me and Noel used to knick paving stones when we were kids, so I know all about it."
    Paul who works for Oasis' record company, Creation Records is using his contacts in the music business to line up some top names for the soundtrack but Oasis will not be involved. Filming begins in Manchester on May 4th.

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