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16/09/98: Oasis: Week in Morocco
  Oasis are planning a week of partying in Morocco - just like wild seventies rockers, Led Zeppelin. Oasis are to stay at a 1,000 a-night hotel in a remote mountain area with their wives and 12 friends, including supermodel Kate Moss.
  The Gallaghers are hoping to find inspiration for the bands fourth album and hope to use the trip as a brainstorming session.

  An Oasis insider said
      "They want to recapture some of the group spirit that has been missing for some time . . . . The boys don't see much of each other socially these days. They all seem quite happy living the family life at the moment."
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07/08/98: Liam & Alan - Night Out
  Liam Gallagher and fellow bandmate Alan White enjoyed a night out at London's untrendy Met Bar.
  Another guest said:
      "They had a brilliant time, laughing and joking and were very well behaved".

  The boys had not lost their common touch though, giving their infamous V-sign to the press as they left the bar, but this time Alan did the honours, click to see picture.
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09/06/98: Liam - New House?
   Liam Gallagher is reported to be after another London house. The house in question was were Sir Paul McCartney wrote "Yesterday" and would cost Liam 1.7 million. The house on Wimpole Street has been on the market for 2 months without any serious interest.
   Actress Jane Asher, who was Paul McCartneys girlfriend, used to live at the house and Paul stayed there before buying a house in St. Johns Wood.
   Liam already owns a house in Primrose Hill and is following in Noel's footsteps.
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05/06/98: Kangol To Supply Oasis
   Kangol have finally admitted that the Gallagher brothers get free gear from their clothes and hats range!
  Lucy Jenner of Kangol went on to say:
      "It all started when we saw a picture of Liam wearing an old Kangol hat in June 1996. We then invited him and Noel to look at our new range and the relationship has grown since then. Last year we supplied their exclusive tour jackets. There is always a lot of interest when Liam or Noel are seen in Kangol".
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05/06/98: Noel To Buy Spanish Castle
   Noel Gallagher is set to buy yet another home, his third to be exact. The Spanish Castle will add to his already owned Country Mansion and his London home.
  The castle is said to cost around two million pounds, it includes six bedrooms and an indoor swimming pool. It's been reported that Noel plans to spend four months of every year there.
  An insider said:
       "The castle is very private and ideal to keep photographers out, It will give Noel & Meg space to relax in complete privacy."
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03/05/98: Lennon Blasts Oasis
   John Lennon's son, Sean Lennon has dismissed Oasis as "mediocre". Sean's claim especially hurt Liam who worships Sean's father.
  Sean said:
      "Oasis are definitely not the Beatles. tey're a mediocre pop band"
  Sean added:
      "What was funny was when Liam said, 'I'm not crazy like John Lennon, I don't think I'm God, I just think I'm John Lennon.' I though that was kind of genius. It's the funniest shit"
  Sean's new album, 'Into The Sun' is released this month.
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24/04/98: Meg's New Sports Car
   Noel has splashed out 63,000 on a new Porsche Carrera for his wife, Meg. The gift, a late birthday present, is what Meg has always dreamt of having, Noel bought the car for his wife just one month after she had passed her driving test.
   The Porsche is a champagne coloured soft-top and can hit a max speed of 160mph. The new car will sit in the Gallagher's driveway along with Noel's chocolate brown Rolls Royce and his more recently purchased 1960's Jaguar Mk2, for which he payed 95,000.
An insider said:
      "Noel is delighted too because he can't drive and now he gets her to run him everywhere . . . it's the perfect arangement"

   Noel's brother Liam could also be hitting the road soon. Liam was recently seen having driving lessons near his North London home.

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11/03/98: Head-Butt Victim Speaks Out
Ben Jones has spoken to the press about the incident with Liam Gallagher. Ben Jones says
      "Gallagher is a complete animal. He's got a mental problem and should be locked up."
Jones, 19, described how he was soaked in blood after being headbutted and punched by Liam in Brisbane, Australia. After the attack Liam warned him
      "Now fuck off, I'm Liam Gallagher and next time I'll glass you."
Jones says,
      "First he nutted me, then he held my head and punched me right on the nose. He would have put the boot in too if his minder hadn't dragged him away. It was unbelievable. I did nothing to provoke him. He knew his minder was there when he attacked me. I think he's a coward."
Liam also spoke out against the allegations against him he said,
      "I didn't hurt nobody. He kept hassling me and then he let off a flash in my face and it all went off from there. Honest, it wasn't my fault. It was the guy."
Jones obviously also intends to sue the multi-millionaire for damages related to his injuries. He says,
      "I will see it through in court to the bitter end. I want damages for the pain and physical injuries he caused me. I was really hurt and I'm still in agony. I didn't realize a broken nose could be so painful. It hurts like hell."
Liam could face a jail sentance if he is found guilty of the attack.
Jones talks of his intentions
      "I think he is so arrogant he expects me to drop the charges, but I have no intention of doing that at all. I'm going to stick to my guns. Then we'll see who is the one to end up with the bloody nose."
Ben Jones had tickets to see Oasis' Saturday night concert in Brisbane, after the incident he obviously didn't feel like going to see them!
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07/03/98: Liam On Bail
   Liam Gallagher has been released on bail after pleading not guilty to the charge of actual bodily harm on a fan. Liam had to pay the sum of 4,500 for his bail. The charge on Liam was made by a fan, Benjamin Jones, after he was alegedly head-butted in the face, breaking his nose.
        The incident was said to have happen outside the luxury Quay West apartments in Brisbane where the band are staying during their concerts in the city. The Benjamin Jones, 20, from Devon, UK told police that after he'd politely asked Liam if he could take a photo, Liam butted him in the nose.
        "The allegation is that Liam took exception to this and punched and head-butted him" said Det Sgt Steve Vokes of Brisbane Police.
        "There was a fair amount of blood but the lad is o.k. He is a bit shaken up.. He received hospital treatment and the camera has been taken as evidence."

        The Australian court wanted 45,000 bail at first for secuirty but the defence argued that Liam had more to lose by not returning. Liam sat quietly throughout the hearing which is adjourned until 9th June. If Liam is found guilty by the court, it is said that he could face up to 6 years in prison!

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05/03/98: Noel's Football Pitch
Noel Gallagher is having a five-a-side football pitch built in the backgarden of his 2million country mansion. The 'mini Maine Road' will feature an artifical grass surface, goal posts and nets. Noel is hoping that the pitch will be ready for the summer so that him, his brother Liam and his mates can have a kick around. Noel has already got the builders in drawing up plans for the pitch. Noel's garden is an imense 8 acres so there is plenty of room for the pitch .

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15/02/98: Noel & Meg On Holiday
Noel and his wife Meg are now currently on holiday in Hawaii. The couple are taking an 8 day break before flying to Japan for that leg of Oasis' World Tour. Noel & Meg are on holiday with their good friends, Johnny Depp and Kate Moss.

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15/02/98: Noel's New Car
Noel has bought another car to add to his collection. Noel, who actually can't drive, has bought a 1960's Jaguar Mk2. For this car he paid out 95,000. This is in addition to his current Choclate Brown Rolls Royce, given to him by creation records.

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